Engagement Models

In software development, an engagement model is a framework that defines the rules for collaboration between a client and an outsourcing vendor. It determines the level of control and responsibility held by the client, while simultaneously providing a base to further develop the working relationship.

Engagement models in software industry govern the manner in which a vendor provides IT services to client and explicitly describes how the parties involved will engage with each other for the duration of the contract and forms the basis upon which responsibilities, obligations and commitments are legally defined.

At Stridely Solutions, our engagement models for web design and development are flexible enough to adhere different custom requirements while catering to all your software development needs allowing you to remain focused on your strengths and abilities. We provide a platform for sharing roles, tasks and infrastructure amalgamated with the association of our experts to provide collaborative solutions to global clientele across diverse domains and industries. There are many different kinds of engagement models and organizations decide depending on their financial, logistical and technological requirements.

Fixed Cost

This model of engagement is best suited for custom software development with well-defined requirements. With an end-to-end execution of the services availed, fixed cost model of engagement follows a milestone-based roadmap; proven to lower the risk for all your operations and optimizing deliverables making them a timely affair. If you have clarity and well-defined requirements this model of engagement is best suited to you.

Staff Augmentation

We staff a project on the basis of skill-gap analysis, through which your team would be strengthened by adding our resources skilled in contemporary technologies. We offer a dedicated team of experts, with the assurance that our knowledge and expertise help to enhance your capabilities as an organization with a staff augmentation model that suits your requirements.

With a choice between on-site or off-shore teams, our staff augmentation services are designed to offer a well-groomed, experienced pool of resources customized to enhance your productivity and increase operational efficiency. We also offer remote staffing services for offshore development as well as IT support staff.

Typically, we can figure out a hybrid model with a balance of on-site or off-site for comprehensive projects with long-term requirements to efficiently do knowledge sharing, team induction, training and planning etc.

Stridely Solutions is among the top staff augmentation companies with resources that are chosen through meticulously designed processes to identify appropriate skill sets and assign them to suitable roles and responsibilities enabling us to bring you the best of the services.

Advantages of this model:

Captive Offshore Development Center

Captive offshoring is one of the most popular business engagement models and functions as a logical extension of your IT team. Offshore captive centers operate as an independent offshore entity completely under the client’s control. It adheres to all copyright regulations, IPR protection requirements, security policies specifically defined by you and follows the workflow you dictate. As and when required, we provide an on-site team for direct interaction with your business team and smoother communication flow with the offshore team.

Captive center models release you from concerning yourself with hassles related to infrastructure, project management and technical resource management. The operational processes between you and our development center ensure that you have thorough control and are updated about the day-to-day functioning of the setup.

Advantages of this model:

Build Operate Transfer (BOT)

Enterprises across the globe realize the potential of the ‘Build-Operate-Transfer’ or the ‘B.O.T’ model. The BOT model is a unified partnership that combines design and builds responsibilities of Information Technology projects.

We offer this offshoring model of engagement including the design, construction and operation of your IT project with clearly mapped-out set of responsibilities through all three stages. The BOT engagement model methodology has several benefits and we facilitate a comprehensive engagement offering design, development and maintenance under one roof with our established and proven infrastructure offering consistent, high quality and cost-effective results.

Advantages of this model:


Reduced upfront investments

BOT development projects find a resemblance to offshore engagement models on a time and materials basis incurring minimum costs on initial phases and pre-operative expenses. This model allows you to preview our services before you actually choose to make permanent investments.


Reduced Involvement for Day to Day Management

Our BOT delivery model is designed to manage all the operations, reporting and project execution for you ensuring the quality and standards of your software without involving your management resources unnecessarily.


Transferring an Operational Team

We offer you a trained, ready to avail team upon transfer, leaving you free of worries to identify and settle down resources into the projects.

Hypercare Support Package

This flexible and custom-designed model suits dynamic requirements and complex operations, making it a very logical choice for projects with an intense scope. We allow easy inclusion of new requirements into the scope offering greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness by letting the customer select the time duration and skill level of resource to adapt to the changing requirements. This is best suited to clients with minimal project requirements that need a committed work amount to the resource. With varying validity of such support packages, the customer can choose a resource mix for a specific duration, without any long-term commitment while getting work successfully done within a limited budget.

Support packages allow you to keep business applications run smooth and up to date with a minimal cost of ownership. These support packages are different than Annual Maintenance and Support Contracts (AMC or AMS) and give you complete flexibility to opt for limited-time support instead of long contracts, especially when you need a temporary external support from the experts.

It gives you more flexibility in planning your application maintenance, enhancement and quick fixes by reducing the efforts for resource and task planning.

The key benefits include:

Note that you may need more than the short-term support packages and beyond minimum recommendations, when planning any upgrade or new implementation projects.

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