Execution Model

We owe our solid reputation as a full-fledged development center to the practices and methodologies we embrace as part of our culture. Our philosophy of working closely with clients helps us to easily adopt multiple execution methodologies. Choosing the right business software execution model is the first step to creating revolutionary systems.

The transformation of concepts to solutions and products goes through different phases that are equally important in determining the success of the solution to meet desired objectives – planning, analysis, design, development, testing, maintenance and acceptance.

Our software development execution models incorporate proven techniques and methodologies throughout the lifecycle to deliver products and solutions that fully meet expectations and objectives. We decode client requirements accurately to chalk out the right strategy to build the product across various stages of the PDLC. Spelling out of requirements helps in future validation of project outcomes during user acceptance stage.

Agile Model

Agile methodology has become more of a default methodology in development. The popularity of the iterative development and sprints makes it even more important for developers to possess strong expertise for working on projects in smaller segments. Rapid feedback and continuous adaptation need to be incorporated in practices for best results.

Since changes are an integral part of any software, agile methodology helps to address those changes as and when they are required. One of the most efficient of these is the Agile SDLC model. Whether you need the iterative or the incremental approach depending on your requirements, our team is well-versed with the various agile lifecycle models.



The Scrum framework in project management helps improve transparency, inspection and adaptation that is pivotal to the success of the iterative process. The role-based collaboration within teams helps us to empower members to work and constantly assess the progress through


Agile Manifesto

We follow the core values outlined in the Agile Manifesto that focus on twelve principles which have made the methodology refreshingly new, overhauling traditional software development methodology. Continuous delivery, iteration, pace, incorporating changes, measuring progress and facilitation of improvements are a few of the core values in the Manifesto.


Extreme Programming

Among multiple methodologies in Agile extreme programming helps us to deliver robust solutions to clients with swift testing. Our expert teams possess the skill sets necessary to select the appropriate Agile methodology and work out the testing requirements prior to coding – one of the most important dimensions of extreme programming methodologies.

At Stridely Solutions, the reliance on Agile has helped us to create world-class products and solutions that are free from bugs, and complications. Changes that are required midway are seamlessly incorporated, helping in the creation of superior solutions that involve all stakeholders, including the business dimension. Technological solutions are meant to solve business problems, and this collaborative effort helps find the best solutions. We employ the software development execution methodologies that your company needs.

DevOps Model

As an end-to-end provider of progressive solutions that help clients to solve complex business challenges, we embrace DevOps as a culture. The whole process is aligned towards releasing software, not just faster, but better. The use of DevOps methodology for development, staging, deployment and collaboration helps us to deliver measurable results.


DevOps in Software Development

The culture of DevOps involves the use of tools for continuous integration and continuous deployment. The focus on automation and the use of these tools demands expertise to align development, QA, and IT into a streamlined and seamless DevOps process flow. The lack of a framework makes it even more important for service providers to handle the communication and development flawlessly.


Continuous Integration

Having expertise in DevOps, our iterative programming approach involves swift feedback loops which identify and correct defects in code base. We rely on continuous feedback mechanisms, and dedicated integration build machines to receive instant and constant feedback that is intrinsic to Continuous Integration.


Continuous Deployment

The automatic release of code into production empowers users with greater visibility. Being expert in automated testing, Continuous Deployment comes naturally to our teams – the integration of automated testing early in the process dispenses with the need for review of the code changes. This reduces the time required for testing, helping in faster turnaround.


DevOps Tools

The tools and software used to bring the Development and Operations Teams together are critical for efficiency and the flexible manner of responding to changes. Our teams possess unmatched expertise in automation, monitoring software, container orchestrators, and testing tools that help to streamline the pipeline.

At Stridely Solutions, we implement DevOps in software development to eliminate bottlenecks and automate the delivery pipeline, through a collaborative culture that involves diverse teams throughout the lifecycle. From application modelling to software development process models, the methods and processes we embrace are carefully designed to have a positive and visible impact on objectives of our clients.

Waterfall Model

One of the earliest and most popular methods of software development is the Waterfall process model for software development. It goes as the name suggests, starting at the top and filling the rest as it goes down, as depicted graphically. This software development execution model is ideal for pointing out certain issues before it is too late allowing for quicker fixes to not disturb the overall goal, being a continuous iteration process model.

Following waterfall methodologies, through proper documentation and accurate timekeeping, we ensure timely deliveries with a focus on the end goal by adhering to compliance and quality standards as defined by the industry.

Waterfall Model

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