Microsoft Dynamics Field Service

Scale your business by delivering onsite services to customers at varied locations Worried about your onsite service quality?

Stridely Solutions bring you the power of Microsoft Dynamics Field Service, enabling remote interaction of customers and service providers. Equipped with industry-best tools and technologies, Microsoft Dynamics Field Service reduced the cost of operation while enhancing the onsite customer experience.

With Microsoft Dynamics Field Service, technicians have the flexibility to remotely work upon resolving issues making it a win-win for all. What makes the solution to stand out is the ease offered in terms of customer engagement. Microsoft Dynamics Field Service has multiple options where users can log in to check issues as well as the progress rate to know better.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Help?

Dynamics for Field Service allow organizations to have better control over the field services, its management, and tracking. Regarded as all-in-one field service management software, Microsoft dynamics field service enables:

Optimized Scheduling

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service is a fully focused service management platform. With this, you can keep track of the customers, the agents, and provide a channel for them to connect and interact. The platform enables you to schedule tasks and organizes your field service teams to work in a dedicated manner. It further simplifies how teams work, enhancing the rate at which issues are addressed and solved.

Seamless Contract Management

Serving multiple customers every day and tracking their details is a tough task. Microsoft Dynamics Field Service gives you the flexibility to keep an eye on the contracts and have it displayed across the team. This helps get an idea of the prospect, fueling the pace at which they are served. Having significant information about the contracts makes it easier to propel and identify leads.

Mobile Efficiency

The software enables users to go Mobile. The fact that Microsoft dynamics field service is available as a mobile application with features of offline interaction and real-time communication, with which, organizations have the ease to work on the go. Irrespective of whether one has network coverage or not, technicians can work on the go.

Remote Results

One of the best things about Microsoft Dynamics Field Service is the fact that it allows tracking and assessing devices remotely. With IoT devices installed at all stages, technicians can operate machines through the software, eliminating the need to visit the location. This helps them stay vigilant throughout the day, ensuring nothing falls out of place.

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Stridely Solutions has been serving the industry for years helping organizations embed Microsoft solutions with ease. We have a proven track record of delivering dynamics field service solutions. Our experts excel in redesigning infrastructural operations putting dynamics field service solutions to use.

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