Unified Iot Platform

Designing and developing a unified platform
to host your IoT devices

IoT or the technology of connectivity is a mechanism of integrating chips, sensors, or tags in devices enabling them to interact with each other and also with the consumer. Put it this way, the internet of things facilitates interaction between user devices by establishing a connection. This interconnection of devices renders data and in huge amounts which is then transmitted to the server for further analysis and interpretation.

Join hands with Stridely Solutions to build a unified IoT Platform for your business. We have created some extraordinary solutions for enterprises and organizations across the globe. Deploying tailor-made IoT applications within your line of business operations helps reduce the downtime of the business while boosting revenue and enhancing the end-user experience. From consultation to prototyping, development, and deployment, our team will assist you at all stages of the process.

How Unified IoT Platform Works?

The notion behind the application runs on 3C’s.


The creation process starts with linking devices to the network and linking them to one another. Both at the enterprise level and at the application level, all of the mission-critical devices are connected together. It also involves connecting people, assets, processes, and systems so as to unleash the power of interconnectedness.

To ensure the devices connect in a secure manner, there are certain protocols that need to be followed. These protocols correspond to the network connectivity as well as data. The common network connectivity protocols include HTTP, Bluetooth, LoRaWan, etc. Using these, the devices that are connected can communicate with each other without any hassle.

For low-power IoT devices, data protocols are used. These include Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), etc. These facilitate the exchange of data between the connected devices securely.

Stridely Solutions adheres to all of the above, and ensures that the connection drawn between the devices are done in lieu with the IoT protocols.


Post connection comes collection. Unified IoT Platform helps capture data from all the devices, assets, people, and processes in real-time. Since the device is run by a machine, it operates 24/7 without disrupting other business operations. The collection of data from across all segments is done with high precision. We at Stridely Solutions help gather data, process, and analyze them as and when needed. With us, you will never have to worry about the granularity of the data, its collection, and acquisition.


Raw data is of no use and hence the need to run that data through programs and software to gain insights from the same. We help you turn your unstructured data into a meaningful asset. Our team works meticulously to refine the data sets, eliminate duplicate data, and process them to come up with information that is helpful for the organization. We further assist and guide leaders to use this data to make business decisions and enhance their work efficiency. We also build reports that shed light on the performance of the devices indicating when one needs to be replaced. This prevents damage while keeping the business flow intact.

Stridely Solutions is one of the leading IoT development companies. While we have been creating solutions for the standalone environment, the Unified IoT Platform is an addition to our repository of solutions and services. We have skilled engineers who understand the concept well and extend their hands to help others grow along with it.

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