The Significance of Automation in Agile Testing

Nov 21, 2019

Software Development is one of those areas that have witnessed tremendous alterations in the last few years. Since industrialization 4.0, more and more technologies pave their way in the process of application development. For developers or to be specific, the application development companies to remain...

How can Big Data Boost the Revenue for Businesses?

Sep 13, 2019

Though big data started a little slow yet considering the unprecedented growth of data volumes compelled enterprises to take a step ahead and vest in the technology. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly 99% of the entrepreneurs in the survey were convinced about the need to...

Application Performance Management for Enterprise – Why and How?

Sep 13, 2019

Software management is one of the long-standing tasks in the digital world today. Considering the fact that present-day business is primarily laser-focused, organizations are now aware of the fact that   Employee & customer experience is vital for business success, and  Software performance determines the above-stated experience, at large.   Now that the...

Manufacturing made smarter with IoT Driving Operational Efficiency

Aug 29, 2019

Internet of Things is driving manufacturing at the edge of revolution towards smarter and connected factories. Companies that are taking the advantage of IoT into their operations can really unlock the true business value. Research from McKinsey & Company says,  The value of Internet of Things (IoT) applications...

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