How can Big Data Boost the Revenue for Businesses?

13 September, 2019

Though big data started a little slow yet considering the unprecedented growth of data volumes compelled enterprises to take a step ahead and vest in the technology. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly 99% of the entrepreneurs in the survey were convinced about the need to...

Application Performance Management for Enterprise – Why and How?

13 September, 2019

Software management is one of the long-standing tasks in the digital world today. Considering the fact that present-day business is primarily laser-focused, organizations are now aware of the fact that   Employee & customer experience is vital for business success, and  Software performance determines the above-stated experience, at large.   Now that the...

Future of Aviation Industry

23 February, 2019

The aviation industry had always a transformational history. The changes it has come along was always unexpected and brought a lot of things about it. Changes like competition, rising fuel costs, changing business models, escalating customer expectations, increasing regulatory oversight, catastrophic weather events, and rapid...

Automation at Workplace

22 February, 2019

How wonderful it may sound, I mean the “Automation”, but this wonder is also a problem for many people. The problem is all they are worried about the jobs, whether automation will take their jobs. I would like to take the perception in different angle...

AI Changing the Digital Business

21 February, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is what everybody is talking about. The intelligence which is been artificially achieved as we can say in such a way. In another way I would represent as the intelligence which is been demonstrated by machines can also be termed as Artificial Intelligence....

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