Not alone data but analytics is transforming business

19 February, 2019

Data is the key to successful business and so is the technology being helping hands in transforming your business. Data as key helps you take the decisions to drive the business but all in the race not alone data can drive business decisions. They help...

Data is the real currency: Big data

15 February, 2019

When everybody is talking about data and personal getting breach we should really worry about our data. Giant companies are being held responsible for breaching data recently, connecting to the word “data” I recall the word “Big data” that has been addressed a few years...

Outsourcing partners should get on the road of innovation

9 February, 2019

Outsourcing is the term for business industries are been utilizing since years long, especially IT when they came into the radar of IT sourcing it has really helped a lot. When we are speaking for outsourcing cost suppression and performance are must and this what...

Can IoT be sustainable?

4 February, 2019

IoT is the new flavor in the industries. Nowadays every sector of industries is enjoying the new flavor as the taste is delicious. Industries can see what outcome IoT has brought to them. Still, it seems they are looking for sustainability as an ingredient in...

Blockchain will take care of your resume

22 January, 2019

We have always heard saying a single piece of paper or the one-page resume can decide my future but ultimately it does. A resume is the most important factor for the individual to represent themselves with their excellencies. We all understand how crucial a resume...

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