Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

22 August, 2019

There is no surprise that 2019 is revealing a confined demand for rising healthcare industry, and analytics that are operating higher efficiencies. Modernization in healthcare has resulted in ever-increasing biomedical knowledge bridging the gap between doctors, physicians and patients while diagnosing and treating. EHR (Electronic Health...

The Super Power

27 December, 2018

Machine Learning and Blockchain are the technologies which are the new revolution for the world. They are bringing the greatest impact and are the future for industries. I remember how Blockchain has introduced years ago with cryptocurrencies invention and trading but slowly and gradually has...

How Internet of Things (IOT) influencing the healthcare

23 October, 2018

We all are aware that technology cannot replace humans and the ultimate decision making would lie in the hands of the human. However, in the meantime, the individual can opt for certain technological solutions that would help in simplifying the work done by humans and...

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