The time is utilities need to rebuild

Jan 4, 2019

Where industries are pushing themselves towards technology which is the future there are still industries that need to push themselves a more, not just to adopt the technology but sustain with them. I don’t really want to use the word “sustain” but “rebuild” would work....

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Jan 3, 2019

Human and Robots are going to have a very engaging relationship in the future as it has started already. Automation would be the survival for the industries. The combination of both requires a process. Robotic Process Automation is the technology where you are allowed to...

Do you have a Successful strategy for AI?

Jan 1, 2019

When AI is the inspiration for today’s industry where everything is connected and advanced. Complex algorithms taking place for most complex situations. From start-ups to technological gig to asset concentrated industries everyone is bounded with AI. Industries and their teams working on their own plans...

AI in Retail

Dec 28, 2018

Where everything is about technology and industries, the air has a lot about Artificial Intelligence(AI) I just mean the trend. Every sector is adapting AI a different approach towards intelligence. Even Retail industries have brought themselves into many things and so if it is computer...

The Super Power

Dec 27, 2018

Machine Learning and Blockchain are the technologies which are the new revolution for the world. They are bringing the greatest impact and are the future for industries. I remember how Blockchain has introduced years ago with cryptocurrencies invention and trading but slowly and gradually has...

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