How can Big Data Boost the Revenue for Businesses?

Sep 13, 2019

Though big data started a little slow yet considering the unprecedented growth of data volumes compelled enterprises to take a step ahead and vest in the technology. According to Harvard Business Review, nearly 99% of the entrepreneurs in the survey were convinced about the need to...

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Aug 22, 2019

There is no surprise that 2019 is revealing a confined demand for rising healthcare industry, and analytics that are operating higher efficiencies. Modernization in healthcare has resulted in ever-increasing biomedical knowledge bridging the gap between doctors, physicians and patients while diagnosing and treating. EHR (Electronic Health...

Not alone data but analytics is transforming business

Feb 19, 2019

Data is the key to successful business and so is the technology being helping hands in transforming your business. Data as key helps you take the decisions to drive the business but all in the race not alone data can drive business decisions. They help...

Data is the real currency: Big data

Feb 15, 2019

When everybody is talking about data and personal getting breach we should really worry about our data. Giant companies are being held responsible for breaching data recently, connecting to the word “data” I recall the word “Big data” that has been addressed a few years...

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