Myths About Digital Transformations

21 November, 2018

Digital Transformations is not just the change, but I would like to say different perceptions. The promised result is the expectation of all the organizations in the path of innovation, profits and processes. Hence there are variations about digital transformations from different perspectives. Reading across...

Utilities with Chatbots & AI

15 November, 2018

Utility sector is growing with one of the most impactful step by innovating more into technologies like automation, AI and advanced analytics. The sector is developing by being one of the innovative sector. A major AI implementation assures the utility sector to discover data-mine, providing...

Why Application refactoring is so important?

14 November, 2018

INTRODUCTION: Refactoring is basically restructuring or altering the internal code of a program. It tends to improve the overall quality of the code base so that it can become easier to maintain, improves its readability, and can extend over time. It is done without posing any...

Beacon Technology

27 September, 2018

Beacon is the fast-growing technology in today’s digitized world. This brings the enterprise nearer to the consumers. This helps the organizations improve their business and services. Beacon technology is applied to a wide variety of industries both retail and service. Beacon platform will improve the...

Technology has the solution

14 September, 2018

I won't be very much surprised when I would say this but are we really devoting much of our time, money or energy on our vehicles. After our houses, a car is the costliest thing where we like to invest our money in and that to...

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