Manufacturing made smarter with IoT Driving Operational Efficiency

29 August, 2019

Internet of Things is driving manufacturing at the edge of revolution towards smarter and connected factories. Companies that are taking the advantage of IoT into their operations can really unlock the true business value. Research from McKinsey & Company says,  The value of Internet of Things (IoT) applications...

Future of Aviation Industry

23 February, 2019

The aviation industry had always a transformational history. The changes it has come along was always unexpected and brought a lot of things about it. Changes like competition, rising fuel costs, changing business models, escalating customer expectations, increasing regulatory oversight, catastrophic weather events, and rapid...

AI Changing the Digital Business

21 February, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is what everybody is talking about. The intelligence which is been artificially achieved as we can say in such a way. In another way I would represent as the intelligence which is been demonstrated by machines can also be termed as Artificial Intelligence....

Can IoT be sustainable?

4 February, 2019

IoT is the new flavor in the industries. Nowadays every sector of industries is enjoying the new flavor as the taste is delicious. Industries can see what outcome IoT has brought to them. Still, it seems they are looking for sustainability as an ingredient in...

Digitalization in Food and Beverage Industry

25 January, 2019

Innovation is not just innovation, but it has become like a new famous song that everyone is listening too and the ones who have missed it are looking to forward to listen. So the song, I mean innovation is everywhere and expanding as well. Internet...

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