Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

26 September, 2018

Technology is never limited nor is it going to end up someday. I remember the birth of steam and how that was a revolution of time, the machines when just started to work for the first time which was a noteworthy contribution by our ancestors....

Internet of Things in Manufacturing Industries

21 August, 2018

We have always wondered how fast technology is growing and so are the industries. What if we can use advanced analytics to evaluate or estimate events before they happened. And what if we can use real-time impactful insights to increase production and help the industries...

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub vs Amazon IoT

24 July, 2018

IoT is ruling the technology hype cycle aiming to help business entities achieve connected enterprises. IoT is combined with Analytical solutions are helping enterprises solve critical business challenges such as Real-time analytics, sensors integration, maximum asset utilization, real-time supply chain visibility and many more. Among...

Bussiness Era: IoT, Bigdata and Machine Learning

11 July, 2018

When we talk about IoT, Bigdata or Machine learning the three different things being indifferent. These three are playing the most exciting role in Business Technology since past few years. They are like the graphical depiction that is arising with every new technology and people...

SAP with IoT, a powerfull IT Arm for Organization

6 June, 2018

We are in the world of Internet and so are the things, Yeah you got me right I'm talking about the Internet of Things(IoT). The promise of the Internet of Things is that when all of the gadgetry is connected and sending status and use data...

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