Revolutionize business landscape with SAP BTP Transformation Strategies

From its origins as the SAP Cloud Platform in 2013 to its recent transformation into the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) in January 2021, SAP has been a trailblazer in tech innovation.
Originally, the SAP Cloud Platform was designed to equip businesses with the agility, scalability, and innovation needed to tackle modern challenges head-on. As technology evolved, SAP remained committed to staying at the forefront.
Last year, the platform underwent a significant rebranding and emerged as the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). SAP BTP boasts extraordinary features that promise to revolutionize how businesses approach digital transformation.
Before diving into strategies, it’s essential to grasp key concepts:
1) Comprehending SAP BTP
2) Understanding the Digital Experience
Let us understand the basics first then we will dive into the strategies.

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What is SAP BTP?

Picture a versatile cloud-based toolbox that empowers you to effortlessly build, extend, and enhance your SAP applications. That’s the essence of SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) – a comprehensive ecosystem comprising tools, services, and solutions, all conveniently bundled together.
But what sets BTP apart from conventional software? It’s not just a solitary system; it’s a rich portfolio of interconnected products and services that work in harmony. This means you have the flexibility to choose precisely what you need and pay only for the services you use.
With SAP BTP, you can swiftly build and expand your SAP applications, seamlessly integrate with other systems, and even create new applications, whether in the cloud or on-premises. BTP ensures smooth communication with SAP ERP through approved APIs, ensuring seamless workflows.

Understanding Digital Experience

When we delve into the realm of digital experiences within the context of cloud transformation, it’s easy to become engrossed in the visual aspects – the user interfaces and how they shape our perception. However, the heart of the digital experience extends far deeper. It revolves around a fundamental reevaluation, a complete reimagining, and the fine-tuning of what happens beneath the surface, all with one central aim – to craft a seamless and frustration-free journey for end-users.

With SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), we embark on a transformative voyage, revolutionizing the digital experience in ways that truly resonate:
1. Revolutionizing Business Processes: SAP BTP empowers businesses to completely rethink their operations, nurturing an environment ripe for innovation and the discovery of new applications that enhance efficiency and competitiveness.
2. Unleashing the Power of Automation and AI: In this arena, we harness the magic of automation and artificial intelligence, automating tasks prone to errors and those that devour precious time. The outcome? Smoother operations and heightened productivity.
3. Simplifying Complexity: We deconstruct intricate transactions into user-friendly mini-applications. This simplification acts as a beacon, dispelling confusion and reducing the cognitive burden, resulting in more intuitive interactions.
4. Craftsmanship of User-Friendly Interfaces: SAP BTP allows us to artfully design intuitive, streamlined screens. This translates to fewer clicks, happier users, and an overall enhancement in efficiency.
5. Consistency and Responsiveness: Our commitment to a consistent, responsive design framework ensures a seamless experience across a myriad of devices, providing users with reliability regardless of their access point within your system.
SAP BTP transcends superficial aesthetics, driving a profound metamorphosis in the very core of processes. It’s about creating a more enriching and fulfilling digital experience for users, where everything flows seamlessly and just works, effortlessly.
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Optimizing SAP BTP Transformation: Five Strategic Moves

In your SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) journey, strategic moves can make all the difference. Here are five key strategies to elevate your transformation while keeping things concise:
1. Streamline and Enhance Workflows:

  • Rather than a basic migration, delve into workflows, transactions, and business processes. Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Collaborate with SAP Implementation Partners to innovate and automate processes using AI and Cloud services.

2. Simplify Tasks with Custom BTP Apps:

  •  Don’t hesitate to revamp old tasks and workflows during your Cloud transition. Analyze how tasks are completed, eliminating unnecessary steps.
  •  Leverage BTP’s flexibility to create tailored solutions that meet specific needs. This simplifies workflows and enhances accessibility, especially on mobile devices.

3. Unified User Experience Across Devices:

  •  To enhance adoption and user satisfaction, standardize user journeys and ensure solutions are accessible on various devices.
  • Consider integrating SAP Mobile Start and SAP Fiori UI for consistent, personalized mobile experiences. SAP support can guide third-party integration via APIs.

4. Automate Tedious Processes:

  •  Identify and automate manual data entry and repetitive tasks to eliminate errors and inefficiencies.
  • Utilize SAP Support and user-friendly visual automation tools. BTP’s AI services like Business Entity Recognition and Document Information Extraction can automate tasks like document scanning and data extraction.

5. Rapid Development with Templates:

  •  Speed up development cycles using pre-designed Fiori templates tailored to industry-specific needs.
  •  Leverage the new SAP build release to create BTP mobile apps and web pages without extensive technical expertise. These templates clarify business processes and expedite your transition to SAP BTP.
    Implementing these strategies empowers you to extract the full potential of SAP BTP, streamline operations, and elevate the digital experience for both users and your organization.

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Wrapping Up

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) offers a wealth of transformative potential. However, to harness its power effectively, choosing the right partner is paramount. Stridely stands as your trusted implementation ally.
With a strong track record of successful SAP implementations and a commitment to tailor solutions to your unique needs, Stridely is your ideal guide. Our SAP BTP experts possess deep knowledge in both SAP solutions and the intricacies of SAP BTP components.
Start your journey towards digital experience with Stridely as your transformation partner.


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