SAP with IoT, a powerfull IT Arm for Organization

6 June, 2018

We are in the world of Internet and so are the things, Yeah you got me right I'm talking about the Internet of Things(IoT). The promise of the Internet of Things is that when all of the gadgetry is connected and sending status and use data...

Do we really need a Data hub for BI

18 May, 2018

So now when you have chosen a platform for Business Intelligence: flexible, usable, manageable, scalable: getting all these great abilities in one package. Soon you'll integrate, visualize and collaborate across the company as never before. A consistent view of the data is in your hand....

Enterprise Mobility and Security

5 May, 2018

Enterprise Mobility Security is a solution that provides organizations with security on their devices. This solution helps to protect company phones, tablets and laptops with the full remote wiping of data if your device is been lost or stolen. Investigate your organization’s current policies on application...

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