Automation Testing

If diligent development is the soul of a product/application, successful testing is its heart without which no product can thrive in bricks and motor world. The testing technique is considered as a fundamental application development step that certifies the performance and functionality of software and application.

As the software and application development is a highly strenuous process, doing it manually comes with the whole set of demerits such as:

With such loopholes, absolute manual testing can never be trustworthy. With our automated testing services, you can easily eliminate all these and many hidden loopholes from your testing procedure and acquire end-products that stand second to none in effectiveness and quality.

By automating various repetitive tasks, we save your time, efforts, and money. We can automate fundamental yet mundane testing tasks and formalized testing phase at each step and help you accomplish supreme quality continuous delivery and continuous testing. Our quality and time-bound automation testing service turns your testing process into days to hours and makes your product market-ready.

Our Engagement Approach

The key to successful automation testing lies how methodologically and intelligently it has been done. As Stridely Solutions is an IT Mogul, we give utmost importance to the all-level engagement with our clients.


Our automation strategy

Our automation strategy is scalable and integrated from ground level use a proof of concept (POC), graphical user interface testing, and API driven testing approach. By using all these automation strategies, our testers will contrive execution infrastructures suitable to your landscape.


Our tools

The success of any operation depends on what tools has been chosen for the job. Stridely Solution has a brigade of IT consultants and testers who have gained exceptional expertise in all the leading automation tools such as Squish, TestCraft, Ranorex, mabl, Testim and so on. They take care of end-to-end tools implementation, and result in the analysis process and drive dependable solutions. If you want to build your very own testing suite then also we are there for you.


Automation experts

Our team consists of experienced and seasoned automation experts of almost every domain and helps you get maximum ROI.


24*7 maintenance and support system

No service is concluded without a dedicated support system and Stridely Solutions apprehends with this verity well in advance. We have a dedicated team of executives who are all ears to listen to your queries, provide instant assistance, and look into any further after-sales issues pro-actively. Our in-house team of executives knows the worth of every single query and updates the concerned department from the very moment you contact with them.


Best automation testing practice

The secret of our success lies into strict adherence to the industry’s best work ethics and practice while drafted customized automation testing services for our clients. With a constant focus of quality over quality, we deliver scalable and viable testing solutions to our clients that support their growth by all means.

Your Search For An Ideal Automation Testing Ends At Stridely Solutions

As a leading IT partner and service provider, Stridely Solutions is known to endow its clients with holistic automation services. Rather than applying standard automation testing solutions, we go the extra mile and conceive solutions that are custom-made and easy-to-implement in your landscape.

Our large scale coverage helps us to reach more and more clients and support the IT development industry at every vertical. We aim to leverage the ROI of our clients and do testing in congruence with all platforms that they use for their general operations.

Our Success Mantra in Automation Testing

Testing is a highly strenuous process and to taste success in this, you need to push yourself beyond boundaries. At Stridely Solutions, we adopt this approach by all means and adhere to the strict testing module and achieve success for ourselves and our clients simultaneously.

Three automation testing modules

Our industry excellence in automation testing takes the shape of our exclusive and detailed testing module. As we expert utmost focus to make your products/ application compatible with every ecosystem, we adopt various automation testing techniques including Selenium web-driver (using Java), POSTMAN, and JMeter.

Selenium web-driver is a web automation framework that allows a tester to conduct tests in different browsers such as Firefox and Chrome simultaneously. This approach helps to check the credibility of web application in a different environment.

Simultaneously, Stridely Solutions take POSTMAN testing tool on board. This HTTP client allows us to share, create, test and document APIs for your applications and web products. It makes automation testing more efficient and less tedious.

The use of JMeter is what makes our automation testing more reliable. JMeter helps our testers to check the functional behavior of a product by all means.

Stridely Solution has a brigade of IT consultants and testers who have gained exceptional expertise in all these leading automation tools. Other than this, we also use Squish, TestCraft, Ranorex, mabl, Testim and many more tools depending upon the need of the hour. We take care of end-to-end tools implementation, and result in the analysis process and drive dependable solutions. If you want to build your very own testing suite then also we are there for you.

Independent Tests

For accurate and dependable testing, we run automated tests independently and don’t take the path of pre-set orders.

Script Reusability

Script reusability is another success mantra that makes our testing time-bound and error-free. By doing this, we reduce your script maintenance efforts and help you to change tests only at a single place.


We want to endow our clients with collaborative services. DSL or Domain Specific Language is our means to do achieve this. This approach enables a readable automated test and promotes advance collaboration.


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