Data Warehousing

Data has become the single most important entity for businesses of all kinds as it opens doors to newer opportunities and forms the basis for the digital transformation wave that we are witnessing. But there are numerous complexities that crop up when you need to bring all that data together.

At Stridely Solutions, we are perfectly positioned to provide data warehouse storage solutions which include a unified data repository designed to store various types of data, which can be used for querying, analysis as well as statistical modelling and training. It is the first step towards data analytics enabling you to transform the data into actionable insights as well as and data science to train algorithms for machine learning and AI applications. We help you to mitigate risks and choose the right combination of cloud, on-premises or hybrid systems for optimal scalability.

Data Management Solutions and Services

01. Data warehouse consulting

Not sure of which technologies or tools to go for? Prepare your business with the ideal set of tools, technologies and frameworks that complement your business needs and keep your data secure with our data warehouse consulting services.

02. Enterprise data warehouse

Gather data from numerous sources and empower relevant personnel in your organization with access to the data they need. With data integration and ETL, leave no business system or data source behind.

03. Data migration and maintenance

Upgrade to the latest tools and technologies while keeping your legacy data at the forefront. We also help businesses to maintain their data environment ensuring uninterrupted processes with our data migration solutions.

04. Data lifecycle management

Keep track of your company’s data from creation to deletion with our data lifecycle management services. Secure sensitive data and enable data sharing without worrying about where the data could be residing.

05. Big data integration

Deal with the three v’s of big data – volume, variety and veracity and eliminate the use of siloed systems. Whether it is transactional data or real-time streaming data, our big data integration services ensure optimum compatibility and scalability.

06. Edge analytics

Certain types of data require a different approach which may not be suitable for data warehouses. This is where our edge analytics services come in as we help you to select which data to send to the warehouse and which ones to process at the edge. This maximizes efficiency and reduces costs of implementation.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With Stridely’s Expertise in Data Warehousing

Having helped numerous businesses with data warehousing solutions, we have amassed relevant experience in the creating, managing and maintaining of data warehouses, data lakes, centralized data repositories as well as analytics at the edge. We help our clients meet the rising demands of their customers so that they can deliver better products and services to their customers.

  1. Amazon Redshift
  2. Google BigQuery
  3. Snowflake
  4. Vertica
  5. Sybase
  6. SAP BW
  7. SAP Hana
  8. IBM DB2
  9. Oracle Data Warehouse
  10. Informatica

  • Data acquisition
  • Data profiling
  • Automated backup
  • Data quality management
  • Data federation
  • Data transformation

Data Warehousing Use Cases


Data warehousing for Healthcare

A data lake with all information to take care of a patient’s journey through medical care. This helps in streamlining healthcare processes and gives a better understanding of health-related issues boosting patient experiences. With modernized cloud analytics enabled by collating patient data from a variety of sources for faster and improved patient care that give doctors and medical caregivers additional information about their patients. Stay abreast of ever-changing regulations and keep administrative staff free of gathering compliance requirements so that they can focus on developing better strategies.


Data warehousing for Finance

Gather all financial and related data into a centralized repository for a unified source of information whether on-premises or the cloud. Get access to all data types – structured, semi-structured or unstructured data. With data democratization, provide access to all relevant personnel according to their roles who gain the ability to critical data for analysis and break free of barriers that prevent data access. Get consistent reporting capabilities answering any and all what-if scenarios without duplicate data storage.


Data warehousing for Retail

Get insights to determine market share, track consumer behaviour offline and online with scalable workflow architectures without affecting performance. Whether it is clickstream data, POS data or data from social media and other sources. Our data warehousing enables business transformation, higher visibility with an integrated approach. Build customer profiles with modernized data sharing across numerous stakeholders for better collaboration.

Why Stridely’s Data Warehouse Management?

It is a common scenario for businesses to leverage multiple IT environments for their data initiatives. At Stridely Solutions, we understand the reasons and provide data consulting and governance services to circumvent the issues that crop up from multiple, disparate systems. We possess data modeling, master data management as well as data capture capabilities and provide guidance for the following;


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