Device Testing

Device testing is a pivotal step in any device development process. Without this step, no device development is trustworthy and consummate. In the process, developers investigate the performance of the device, test its authenticity, and try to find out its real-time robustness.

Device Testing is an integral part of the development process of various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, software, systems, and any other devices that mend to make humans’ life easy and hassle-free. As Stridely Solutions is the front runner of software, and application development process, we also adopt this procedure and help our clients to come up with viable technological solutions and being able to deliver par excellence service in the brick and motor world.

This service module aims to generate devices that will rule the hearts of the end-users for once and all. Our real-time device testing is done by the hands of industry’s best minds and can easily implement in any of industry landscape.

Our Offerings

Years after its inception, the mobile phone is not a mere device. It is a mean of communication, a way to stay connected with the community, and even acts as a business platform. It has made its way to almost every single person’s pocket. Since mobile has become an integral part of our lives, it is more than important that this device should be error-free, responsive and high scalable.

Stridely Solutions renders its brilliant mobile device and application testing assistance to the developers at large. Our mobile testing framework has ripened in functionality and help application and system developers to design par excellence products.


Live App testing

With our vast iOS and Android testing tools, we will do live app testing for your mobile devices. In this service module, we will check the In-App Purchasing (IAP) capabilities, Facebook integration, and connectivity, and various other components. We will find out and track defects from its initial stage and resolve it completely.


Security testing

No matter how diligently an app or device came into being, if it is not ready to combat the virtual world’s vulnerabilities then it is of no use. We will do comprehensive security testing for your devices and applications and make them competent enough to keep these vulnerabilities at bay. We will look into network security, client-side implementation security, server-side application security, and system software aspects by using techniques such as injection, sensitive data exposure, and cross-site scripting.


Compatibility testing

An application will be only half good if it targets a platform. If you aim that your application should gain a place in every mobile, then it is important to check its compatibility with other platforms. Stridely Solutions has a team of application developers and testers that will test the compatibility of your application with all the leading platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

Performance testing – Checking up the speed, usability, and real-time conduct of the device, system, and application is more than important before it comes into the public’s eye. To check all these parameters, Stridely Solutions use regress quantitative tests and check every typical component. With this testing, our customers can easily improve the scalability, integrity, and reliability of your device/applications and make the best of all.


Mobile user interface testing

As the application is ultimately going at the hands of the end-users, checking its reliability from a user’s perspective is very important. Stridely Solutions has a huge in-house tester database that will use your application in real-time and take note of its user-interface. As they are learned individuals, they will be able to mark every minute detail and give us comprehensive feedback. Based upon their real-time feedback, we alter and modify the application and make the end version such polished that every end-user will love it for once and all.

Why Stridely for Device Testing?

Without the multi-level testing and checking a product at every vertical, no device can come to the market. While device testing holds such great significance, Stridely Solutions bring industry’s best practices, tools & techniques, and methodologies to make it noteworthy.

Our compressive mobile device testing will fit-in well to your needs and extend your in-house capacity. With our dedicated mobile testing labs, detailed framework and managed crowd testing, you can easily make your end-product brilliant at every vertical.

Real-testing for real devices

Testing can only hold any merit if you do it on real devices. We have a huge tester community support with experience in almost every function and non-functional platform. They use real-time devices for the testing. Hence, our results and conclusions can be trusted blindly.

Great tool expertise

Testing is not a single-dimensional job. Thus, you need to own great tool expertise to check every dimension. In that case, Stridely Solutions is a dependable resource as our testers know every single tool that is a part of device testing.

Private labs – Stridely Solutions has its very own private labs that assure you about the data security and quality at each step.

Talented testers

One of the key components of our successful and dependable testing service is our talented testers. It is their astuteness and expertise that brings perfection and scalability in our testing service. Apart from being well-trained and skilled, they are self-motivated professionals who know the worth of a device that is error-free, user-friendly and endow the users with a great and secure experience.


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