Do you know that only 50-55% of the companies invest in the employee development plan?

If you are one of those companies, we congratulate you for being economically sound and assertive. And, if you are the rest of the companies that rarely worry about the employee development or career planning, we strongly request you to reproach the same for a better economic value of your organization.

Stridely unties all the aspects of HR solutions in one consolidated cloud platform, helping you to automate and simplify manager self-service (MSS) & employee self service (ESS) capabilities.

Wondering why, because it is the foundation of any organization, including yours.

Choose the right Human Capital Management System with Stridely Solutions


Welcoming the era of Human Experience Management (HXM) for redesigning the entire Human Capital ecosystem of your organization. In 2020, we help you focus that matters the most for any brand to survive and thrive in the economy. We help with cutting-edge and proven HR solutions with SAP Success Factors.


Just like the saying, DayForce helps in making the ‘Work-Life Better’. Using its power, you can manage the employees to understand the organizational purpose and goals. Employees will have a clear understanding of your business and working patterns; it will indeed boost the productivity and interests of the employees.

Give your Employees what they deserve with the Power of Human Capital Management System

Stridely Solutions help your organization to grow in purpose and shape with the help of SAP SuccessFactors and DayForce. These are our two Human Capital Solutions for delivering excellence in the work-life of your employees. Try it for bringing in employee satisfaction, which is the key to productivity and creativity.

Human Capital Management is introduced for the benefits of employee as well as the Organization. In short, it aids in extracting the best of your employees; you can relate its job as instrumental and indispensable.

Why Modern Organization adapt Human Capital Management?

Considering the top cloud HR software trends 2020, Human Capital is undoubtedly one amongst it. The major benefit of having an HCM is the free flow of information between the superior and subordinates. From developing employee engagement to client engagement, HCM is preferably the first choice of the modern organization.

Enliven the Human Ecosystem of your Organization with Our Human Capital Management Solutions. Say yes to ‘New Experiences and Possibilities’.

Why Stridely Solutions for Human Capital Management?

At Stridely Solutions, we believe in preparing the organizations for the HR and payroll challenges by offering them the right Human Capital Management System. We help you achieve a performance development culture by binding your organization through a systematic human ecosystem. We thrive on feeling successful with your growing organization and employee development system.

  • HCM Cloud Services including Implementation, Integrations, Support & Analytics
  • HCM Consulting with Support and Maintenance
  • HCM Data Analytics with Customized Analytics Solutions
  • Application Services with Global Support Mechanism

Let us know how Stridely can help you to work out with your HCM vision.