What are the best IT tool for integrations??? Azure Logic Apps, Azure WebJobs and Cloud Services, WebApi

Will it fit into your budget?

All of these and many more IT integration-related curiosities will be resolved at Stridely Solutions. By understanding your business needs at first, we will harmonize all the IT systems and sub-system over a single platform and help you reduce operational cost and burden by many folds. We help you choose the right IT tools that can be easily scaled, get adapted in your business system, and empower your business at every vertical.

All our IT integration services are focused to meet all your IT objectives while lower down the financial burden, maximize ROI, and adding value to your company.We are Microsoft Silver Partner and can be trusted blindly when you are in dearth need of industry-specific, scalable, and growth-oriented Microsoft integrations on-site and on-cloud manner.

Integration is tough, but we are well-equipped

Realizing the IT system needs of a growing business, weaving all the systems over a single place, and maintaining sync between all is something which needs high acumen, professionalism, and years of expertise. Well, Stridely Solutions has everything whatever it takes to deliver par excellence IT integration service without compromising on quality.

More than 100 qualified professionals

The stepping stone of our success is our team of seasoned, qualified, and professional IT experts’ global network. We hire best-of-minds in the industry and make them seasoned with the leading IT technologies in real-time situations. The astuteness and acumen of our IT professionals help our clients to get customized IT infrastructure within suggested means.

Global service centers in 3 different countries

While globalization is the key, we don’t want to limit our service based upon geographical boundaries. We want to help more and more businesses to get business-specific IT infrastructure and pump-up the success regardless of location coordinates. That is why we have 4 offices in 3 different countries. With our expansion on a global level, we ensure that each client gets world-class integration at their disposal.

100% customer satisfaction

The core of every single operation at Stridely Solution is to attain 100% customer satisfaction. While most of our counterparts struggle hard to acquire it, we get hold of it with ease by taking note of clients’ requirements beforehand, doing a thorough analysis, and contriving solutions accordingly.

We don’t adopt fit-for-all philosophy and believe to devise up business-specific integration solutions. We are focused to improve the service deliverance quality of our clients while keeping the operational cost within the said financial boundaries. That ability of ours defines why we have such strong global customer data which is growing as days are passing.

Multiple data integration handling

Data handling is what demands the highest attention when you are seeking IT integration. Stridely Solutions has boasting experience in handling File Import/Export, Data retrieval and massaging from 3rd party service, and Data bridging between two system handling which simply signifies that we are the expert of every technological acumen related to IT integration.

Diverse industry handling experience

Each industry works in a different manner and needs certain specific IT tools. Since we have handled various leading industry including e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, education, and telecom, we are totally dependable. With us, you can get consolidated system integration solutions regardless of the shape and size coordinates of your business.

Types of integration assistance we render to you.

IT industry is huge and demands the association of various tools at various levels. The need for being an expert in handling multiple integrations is what makes any IT integration partner a reliable source. At Stridely Solutions, you will get the whole pack of integration. We can handle all the enterprise-level system integration modules like Vertical integration, Star integration, Horizontal integration, and common data format integration and enable you to weave success in the most suitable manner.

Scope of our IT integration services

One of the key traits of our IT integration services is its wide scope. By hiring us for a single job, businesses can be benefitted at vertical levels –

  • We will analysis the key IT platforms and design products which are bets fit in your business ecosystem.
  • Our aid is not limited to designing. We trim down the burden of successful implementation and migration of IT solutions within and outside your business ecosystem.
  • Whether you are in need of some special IT system or equipment, Stridely Solution will take care of every need.
  • We will do proper virtualization of your physical environments and help you conduct operations without any geographical boundaries.
  • Our team provides you around the clock pre and post-integration assistance in the field of business process integration.

Cut down the overall cost and development time through our data integration solutions.