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Stridely offers an extensive range of IT-based services, organizing end to end business processes and augmenting the right set of technologies.

With more and more organizations move towards the adoption of groundbreaking technologies, there arises the need to align each of them. Stridely’s BPS services have been designed keeping in mind the need to attune technologies with business operations in a manner that drives revenue and fetches profits. Intelligent workflows and structured approach, we are you all in one IT service partner and ensures maximum efficiency of operations enterprise-wide.

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IT Infrastructure Management

Stridely Solutions infrastructure management services emphasize mainly on IT support service effectiveness. Today, we thrive in a hyper-connected era and in order to remain at the forefront, it is important to evolve and adapt to the continuously changing dynamics of the industry. It is expected that the IT infrastructure of your business adheres to the diverse requirements and walks along with it. The onset of digital tools definitely wards off the siloed infrastructure but also crafts path for certain challenges. The cost of hosting a digitized infrastructure being one of them.

With Stridely Solutions, outsourcing your IT Infrastructure management business processes, you can be convinced that your business is in safe hands. We ensure the optimal availability of your business IT solutions across the entire ecosystem. Also, we extend our support towards continuous optimization of the IT solutions to aid processing faster and better.

Using Stridely’s IT infrastructure management services, customers have been successful in attaining operational efficiency, improving end-user experience, reducing costs and in a way being at peace of mind.

Our IT infra support services comprise of :


Technologies are powerful yet fragile. As much as they do good for the enterprise, a simple malfunctioning might cause the entire business to halt disrupting all kinds of services. What an organization needs are flawless IT service desk solutions ensuring instant access to the experts who could then render the problem futile.

The catch here lies in locating the right personnel for your organization’s IT service desk job. While an in-house team might meet your needs, Stridely’s expert committee can exceed them. As one of the global leaders offering exceptional and innovative desk services, we are your 24/7 support partner.

Experts here have been meticulously trained and guided to find the cause of the problem followed by solutions to deal with the same. We are a single point of contact for all your IT problems.

Our approach towards IT Service Desk Includes:

Cloud & Virtualization

We provide virtualization support where the organization’s resources are compartmentalized into virtual servers. The further enables optimal utilization of resources, get more storage space and alternatively reduce the cost to the company.

Virtualization is an efficient way to partition resources in a way that the organization could deploy more and more technologies within the existing infrastructure. Significant software are used to promote such solutions and with Stridely Solutions experts, you could avail most cost effective service engagement options.

In a nutshell, our offerings resonate around:


Adopting a holistic approach towards migration and the DB segment, we work tirelessly to help our clients make the most out of their cloud infrastructure. Our solutions have been designed in a way that allows maximum optimization of the infrastructure leading to efficient utilization and performance.

We help organizations migrate their existing siloed infrastructure to the cloud in a secure manner. Whether it is the applications running within the organization or the database of the enterprise, our experts extend support to migration if all. We also help clients switch to a cloud-based mailing system, migrating their existing software solution to the cloud. All of the above are executed under the guidance of domain experts.

End to end migration services include:


Instant messaging and one to one communication is powered by Stridely Solutions Microsoft 365 integration and collaboration solution. Communication enterprise-wide and also beyond the infrastructure is of paramount importance and Stridely Solution creates an infrastructure where organizations can benefit from the flexible O365 solution powered by Microsoft.

We start with a consultation and then extend our offerings to customization and implementation of the messaging solutions. In case, organizations need to migrate their messaging platform to cloud or embed licensing, we offer all.


Finally, our IT infrastructure management services comprise of total backup and recovery solutions for your enterprise. Having data hosted on networks, it is bound to experience data loss and server issues.

We at Stridely offers all-round backup and maintenance services to customers seeking ways for network solution and management.

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