Legacy Application Migration

From the old to the new to next-gen applications

The longevity of technology is continuously shrinking. New, advanced technologies are transforming the ecosystem and businesses are embracing the latest technologies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Re-engineering and re-designing applications involves considerable effort, technical expertise and knowledge of the dynamic nature of technologies.

Stridely Solutions provides application modernization and migration services that help businesses take their operations to the next level by alignment of objectives, expectations, analysis and industry-defining methodologies. Our experience has shown us that legacy apps based on older, deprecated technologies can cause serious issues in their current operations. They also give rise to major security threats due to a lack of maintenance in the form of patches and updates.

Application Modernization Services

We are adept with proprietary frameworks, migration methodologies, tools, technologies as well as plugins set on the highest industry standards. By partnering with Stridely Solutions, your business can continue to function without any hitches with near-zero system downtime.

01. Application assessment

Assessment is a mission critical stage that determines the effectiveness of the migration. Identifying the roadmap of the organization, working out a migration strategy, and aligning the business needs with existing and future trends in the ecosystem are pivotal to the migration outcomes. We owe our success in migration solutions to our assessment methodologies.

02. Re-engineering and porting

Re-architecture, web-enabling, support throughout and post-implementation are our areas of expertise, which continues to consistently help clients in moving the applications to advanced operating systems. Porting to new databases and interoperability is a smooth transition which we achieve through automated processes and flexibility.

03. Migration and upgrades

Our teams possess vast experience in handling application upgrades and product scripting. Our knowledge of legacy and modern technology helps us in managing technology migration requirements professionally. Legacy system modernization is carried out by cleansing and migration of data and by factoring in the specific requirements and all overall business objectives.

04. Application modernization

Repurposing of existing applications to work with greater efficiency is a specialist service that encompasses multiple areas of re-engineering – assessment, planning, security, migration, development, testing, deployment, training, support and maintenance. This calls for capabilities and expertise in technologies and methodologies that straddle the ecosystem.

Stridely Solutions’ Legacy Migration Approach

Our complete set of services for legacy migration include consultations, implementation strategy, development, re-engineering and rollout. We work closely with specific teams of our clients to determine the ideal approach for legacy app migration.


Legacy system assessment

We create an inventory of applications, software assets and assess service-level agreements for each application, while determining systems that need deprecation or consolidation.


Strategy development and implementation roadmap

We create a list of solution alternatives by performing cost to benefits analysis and defining a roadmap to implementation.


Implementation services and rollout

We create appropriate business process models by extracting the business logic from the legacy apps that need migration or re-engineering and develop the required components with the right tools with new platforms and architectures.


Application governance and support

We provide governance initiatives and continuous support for newly migrated or re-engineered applications for seamless operations ensuring efficient system uptime.

Why Stridely Solutions For Legacy Migration?

At Stridely Solutions, our knowledge base, expertise, cross-functional teams, and laser-like focus equip us with capabilities to handle legacy application modernization and migration with ease. Legacy migration solutions implementation and transition are flawlessly executed seamlessly, with minimum interruption to routine processes and workflows.

Systems and tools that we expertly migrate

Whether these are version migrations or changing technologies, Stridely Solutions has you covered;


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