Manual Testing

For any sort of business, its software, applications, and systems are key resources that help the things done as they should. Without them, imagining the existence is not possible especially in this today’s technology-driven era. As they are key components of any business’s success, they can’t be erroneous. This is where manual testing comes into being.

Manual testing is one way to check the quality level, real-time performance, and dependability of any software/system/application before its actual launch. The secondary aim of manual testing is to check the usability of the product from the users’ point-of-view. Also, this step helps the manufacturer to find out the faults and areas of failures that can come into being while functioning in the real-time world and design/deploy remedial solutions immediately.

Being the leader of product development and maintenance services, Stridely Solutions knows the worth of manual testing and offers its comprehensive manual testing solutions to every industry. We bring the ideal blend of various manual testing tools and techniques to make sure that your final products are free from any sort of errors, failure, and bugs in real-world. Our end-to-end manual testing imparts a high level of integrity in your product development procedure.

Stages of our Manual Testing Procedure

Just as there is no shortcut to success, there is no shortcut to obtain the fine-tuned end product. It has to go through various testing stages to gain credibility and dependability. Stridely Solutions is well-aware of this fact and adopts a compressive testing module that has several stages.


Unit Testing

This is the initial stage of the manual testing and is done by the prime developer who wrote the codes for your software or application.


Integration Testing

Done by using the Black Box testing technique, we carry out this manual testing stage in two modes, complete package, and earlier package increment, depending upon your need. In this stage, we test the level of integration of the product and try to identify the loopholes.


System Testing

At this stage, we will test your product from all possible dimensions and check its viability on different platforms.


User Acceptance Testing

In this fourth stage of manual testing, we will do manual testing to get the sign-off of the finished product. We also create a “pass” at this testing stage for the customer that signifies that the product is all set to work in their landscape.

Release or Deployment Testing – This is the last testing stage which intends to check the viability of SetUp.exe in customer’s environment, how much space the product is consuming, how the onsite installation is taking place.

Manual Testing Tools And Methodologies That We Use And Benefit You

Manual testing is a taxing job by all means and demands a certain sort of expertise. At Stridely Solutions, we use a whole range of tools and methodologies to carry out comprehensive and result-oriented manual testing. Here is what we use while making your products 100% error-free.

Black Box Testing

Stridely Solutions always follows the best-of-the-industry tools and methodologies and that is why we adopt of Black Box testing methodology. In this testing methodology, we evaluate the viability of your software/product without paying attention to the internal code structure of the under-test product. We carefully create test cases and test scenario keeping your software requirement at the pivot. We will follow all the basic Black Box techniques such as equivalence partitioning, decision table, state transition testing, and boundary value analysis. We also verify the functional and non-functional behavior of your product in a precise manner.

Grey Box Testing

To deliver the bugs-free product to our clients, we use the Grey Box testing methodology. For better results, we combine White Box and Black Box Testing and check the structural downfall and improper use of the product.


Manual testing is a multi-level procedure and demands a range of tools to complete each set. That is why, we house the testing experts who are learned professionals of manual testing tools such as SnagIt, Photoshop, VMWare Workstation, VirtualBox, Browserstack, SoapUI, Postman, Xenu, Pixel Perfect plugin, Firebug, Jing, Android Studio, iFunbox, and iTunes.

Why Stridely?

The market is crowded and offers you various options for a single service. Despite that, Stridely Solutions has managed to gain an edge over its counterparts and has been chosen by thousands of businesses for their manual testing job. Why us? The answer is here only.


We serve you limitlessly

Do you want to hire a different manual tester for different operating systems that you use? Of, course not. While others fail to meet this customer –market requirement, Stridley Solutions offers a comprehensive solution. We can easily take care of Windows OS, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Amazon Kindle operating systems under one roof. This sort of service offering helps our clients to save money, time and efforts by all means.


A skilled and experienced team

Our industry excellence comes from our well-learned and skilled manual testing team. While the rest of the options are struggling hard to have the right manpower to the corresponding skill, Stridely Solutions has a bunch of fervent, dedicated and experienced manual testers who will take care of every bit of maul testing diligently and delivers par-excellence performance.


Users’ prospective-based testing

As the end-product is going to serve the end-users, we incorporate users’ prospective-based testing into our course-of-action. With this approach, testing becomes more reliable and it helps you to improve and improvise the product/service as the end-users want. It increases the viability of your product in the customer market.


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