Odoo Implementation

Bringing the best of Odoo in an opportunely and optimized manner

Businesses striving for achievable and efficacious digitization must bring the power of Odoo into action. This high-end suite of business management tools is the soundest bet to automate key operations, leverage the team’s productivity, and enjoy better ROI while chasing the organizational goal at a swift speed.

At Stridely, one can enjoy customized, time-bound, and needs-revolving Odoo implementation. Our Odoo expertise has grown enough to cater to the automation requirement existing in operational areas like CRM, Sales, e-Commerce, Purchase, Inventory, MRP, HR, and Project Management.

We Specialize in Everything When it Comes to Odoo

As we adopt a pro-active and scalable approach during Odoo implementation, our patrons are likely to enjoy a flexible, gratifying, and result-driven experience with the implemented tool.

01. Odoo Implementation

Get ready to enjoy advanced operations while keeping funded efforts and revenue under control with our refined Odoo implementation. Our experts take a deep dig into your organizational necessities and create implementation strategies accordingly. The implementation process brings best practices into action leaving our customers with improved operations and enhanced performance.

02. Odoo Customization

With end-to-end Odoo Customization, businesses can most of hire resources and churn out maximum output. We’re equipped to deploy Odoo as per the targeted operational area demanded. While we do so, our customers are assured of better flexibility, performance improvements, and access to the right kind of application.

03. Odoo Support

We are committed to ensuring the perfect and at-par performance of Odoo for our clients. Whether we have handled the Odoo implementation or it was done priorly, we’re all set to proffer necessitated technical assistance and troubleshooting help. Any minor or major operational glitches will be fixed before they cause serious hindrances in key operations.

04. Odoo Migration

To address the changing operational needs, Odoo is constantly evolving. With Stridely Solutions, businesses can ensure timely and quick Odoo version updates. Our diligent Odoo migration process will ensure seamless data transfer from the old to the new Odoo version. The adherence to the industry’s best data security practices makes us the most reliable Odoo migration service provider. We can take care of module and data migration with equal ease and perfection.

What Makes Stridely Solutions an Ideal Odoo Partner?

Odoo holds the power to change the fate of an organization for good. However, one must learn the art and science of Odoo and perform its astute implementation, customization, and migration.

The decade-long expertise of Stridely in Odoo handing promises you to bring the best of Odoo. While one joins hands with Stridely Solutions, we confirm:


100% satisfaction

When Odoo implementation is need-based and done by expertise hands, dissatisfaction has no way to reach you. Timely version updates and instant technical assistance ensure continual performance.


All-inclusive assistance

Whether you need to bring Odoo for CRM or for Sales, Stridely Solutions will make it happen. We own an in-house team of Odoo experts capable to make Odoo work for you without any restrictions.


Better data handling

All through the process of Odoo implementation, customization, and migration, your ERP data is handled with utmost care. We follow best data handling practices and enforce stringent user access processes.


Need-based solution delivery

Odoo can help you produce mobile-based and web-based enterprise tools. Stridely Solutions will help you get customized Odoo solutions optimized for the browser and OS of your choice. This way, one can experience operational productivity of the highest grade and can experience a better end-user experience as we will help you get Odoo solutions that your team will love from the core.

Odoo - The Success Factor

Odoo is more than a mere digital tool. It’s a way to gain an upper hand and always stand ahead in the competition. With Odoo, businesses are allowed to enjoy:


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