Reliable operations support and help desk system for seamless business continuity.

No matter how diligently you handle your software of system, some technical errors, system failure, and technical faults are like to take place. While it happens so, you can’t let it hamper your work. This is where Stridely Solutions’ operations support and help desk comes into being. We can handle end-to-end service delivery; offer you around the clock help desk support, and technical assistance for your system and application ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Added to above, there is constant need to do effective IT infrastructure handling, ownership handling, system updates and customization, keeping the operational costs within the budget, and reliable system migration to be ahead of all in this competitive world. Stridely Solutions understands all these requirements beforehand and deliveries quality-oriented, industry-specific, and budget-friendly operation support and help desk service to the businesses of all sorts. We bring the world’s best operation support and help desk assistance at your disposal with our global IT network.

What we can Do for you?

Running a business is not an easy task. You need to put the focus on various things while doing continuous service delivery. However, doing both things with supreme accuracy is not possible. It has been found that businesses either faced poor service delivery or massive technical failure while handling both the things. Any of the said situations is enough to cause a downfall for your booming business.

Stridely Solutions is the most countable operations support and help desk service provider that eliminates all these failures causing possibilities from your business landscape and enables you to conduct your IT operations without being worried about our poor system health, out-dated systems, and errors.

Here is what our operation support and helpdesk specialists can do for you –

An Operations Support Instead of Just Ticketing System – Stridely Solutions offers a unique Operations Support model with dedicated and blended team of skilled engineers on various technologies as per client’s need. This custom offering includes mix of developers, designers and QA engineers to handle any enhancement or take up bug fixing issues, tickets for ‘All Incidents’ may it be minor or critical. The entire team, its performance and handling is managed by Operations Support Lead resource, who will work with Client on regular basis as single contact point, at the same time easy work protocols enables clients with access to entire technical team and can reach out to the resources without any hurdle or complicated hierarchy.

All-in-One Contract for Entire Service Operations – We have completely distinguished understanding on services, segregated into Business Solutions, End User Services and Infrastructure Services. Hence in order to provide complete Blanket support coverage to the entire system having variety of software applications, 3rd party solutions, legacy system and other utility apps within your IT landscape, we have a unique model of Blanket Support Contract for all systems, clubbed into a single agreement. This All-in-One support contract puts aside, all hassles to manage multiple renewal agreements and helping us focus on your KRAs to optimize operational efficiency. Our well laid and mature operations support process are always custom designed, however in general, the service delivery activities are managed by cross-functional operative and line roles from customer side, and executed by our engineers with different technology expertise areas using measurable support metrics and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Regular Application Maintenance – With our team of IT experts, application developers, and system engineers, we will take regular, time-bound, and cost-effective application maintenance ensuring the proper functioning around the clock.

Error tracking and debugging – No more system failure and errors due to bugs as we will keep an eye on your system & applications and exterminate them before they cause any serious system failure.

Re-engineering and Re-Platforming – You are growing as a business and your so your IT landscape and underlying applications, an adequate support system must be in place in the entire process. We will re-engineer your existing application and system platform based upon your growing business needs; at the same time we’ll take care of evolving market needs, changing business requirements, transaction volume and capacity evaluation of current setup so that we can timely propose necessary migration to newer platform, including performance tuning of continuously evolving system

Quality testing – We conduct time-to-time quality testing for your IT systems and application to find-out the failure possibilities in the infancy stage and eliminate the possibilities of faulty system performance, wrong data handling, and improper information transferring.

Version updates and enhancement – Drifting to modern technologies is easy with Stridely Solutions. By doing regular system updates and enhancements, we ensure that you are using the up-to-the-minute technology in your ecosystem and staying ahead of time.

Operations Support & Helpdesk System Objectives

How Are You Benefited Using Our Operations Support Service?

  • Improve the organizations’ capabilities and performance while keeping the operational cost as low as possible
  • Monitor the system‘s health without disturbing the day-to-day work
  • Diagnose of any system trouble early and create a time-bound troubleshooting solution
  • Get the new and up-to-the-minute system configuration to meet the requirements of your ever-evolving business landscape
  • Ensure successful implementation of business continuation process and system management policies
  • Take the regular data back-up and safeguard it against any system or technical damage
  • Maintain quality standards at every level while doing diligent cost optimization
  • Curb multi-vendor dependency
  • Increased employee accessibility and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced ticket load on IT and enables IT team to focus on new projects and execution

Our biggest strength!

Today, Stridely Solutions stands firms in the IT service industry as trusted, cost-effective, and reliable operations support and help desk service provider meeting all the quality standards. Our industry excellence is the result of our quality-driven operations and professional team. We keep on integrating the success years after years with:

Highly self-driven and professional team – At Stridely Solutions, each IT expert is a passionate and self-driven professional with details of subject-matter knowledge and industry-experience. They came from diverse backgrounds and have hands-on experience in all sorts of leading IT products. They channelize their excellence in each project and help our clients to get best-in-class system support and help desk assistance at their disposal.

Comprehensive solutions – Operation support and help desk is an integral part of your operations. However, there are a handful of IT service solution providers that render these services as one. Count Stridely Solutions is those. With us, you need to get knock the doors of various IT experts for your diverse IT systems and applications. Professionals at Stridely can take care of multi-level system maintenance and upgrades eliminating the need for multiple vendor dependency.

Round the clock assistance – Our operations support team has a very pro-active response system in place, and takes your queries and concerns on top most priority. Stridely Solutions comprehends the fact well in advance that system & application failures come without notice. Hence, we are there to assist you 365x24x7 basis for any such critical assistance. Our priority-based help desk support department understands the sense of urgency of the incidents and would be prompt in assisting you throughout the project support cycle.

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