Quality Assurance

Eradicate errors, bottlenecks and application failures

In this digital-intensive world where everyone relies on software, it is imperative to ensure a bug-free experience to users, which is also why quality assurance testing services take the center stage as one of the most complementing requisites of software and application development. Non-tested apps can not only harm a company’s reputation, but also impede operations and cause significant monetary losses.

At Stridely Solutions, we have a dedicated team of QA experts who specialize in application testing, software testing, quality maintenance and repeatable workflows. These help you to focus on your business with hassle-free performance of your digital systems.

Automation Testing

Stridely Solutions is known to endow its clients with holistic automation services. Rather applying standard automation testing solutions.

Manual Testing

Stridely Solutions knows the worth of manual testing and offers its comprehensive manual testing solutions to every industry.

Device Testing

Stridely Solutions is a dependable resource as our testers know every single tool that is a part of device testing.

Security Testing

Security testing is one task that demands high-end erudition and expertise that comes after years of service deliverance only.

Our QA Testing Techniques


Functional Testing

We focus on the requirements of the application from a business standpoint to verify the output and gauge the functionality in order to determine whether the software is producing the desired results.


Automation Testing

We pick the right testing framework according to the architecture of the application to carry out automated tests for large number of applications to check for performance, load and application stress.


User Interface Testing

We conduct user interface testing be developing multiple test cases to determine the impact of the interface to match the specifications and ensure that it meets the desired expectations.


Regression Testing

We continuously run testing scenarios for functional as well as non-functional tests in order to determine whether the existing application regresses or performs in a similar way after it has been updated.


Security Testing

We test the application from a security standpoint to unearth potential vulnerabilities and ensure that the applications’ data is secure from unauthorized personnel and that it maintains the software’s functionality.


Performance Testing

We define multiple workloads and testing scenarios to determine the application’s performance, stability and responsiveness under various conditions.

QA Automation Services by Stridely Solutions

Mobile & Website QA Testing

Delight your end-users and customers with flawless digital experience and deliver high-quality web and mobile app which are free of bugs and issues

UI/UX Testing

We make sure that your user interfaces work the way they were designed & provide a smooth & impactful user experience to end-users without missing information or non-functional interactions

Cloud Apps Testing

Our cloud testing services offer an enhanced user experience, flexibility, elastic scaling and  automated provisioning

Integration Testing

In integration testing, individual software systems are integrated and tested together or as a group. We offer end to end integration testing services using real test cases.

Why You Should Choose Stridely’s QA Automation Testing Services?

Automation testing is an essential step to achieve optimal quality assurance. Be it web, mobile, desktop or wearables, quality assurance for software provides testing at various intervals for high performance. Conducting manual tests for every scenario is time consuming, leads to resource exhaustion which contribute to higher costs.


Lesser time and lower costs

Our numerous testing scenarios are customizable for quicker test executions and cost due to automated workflows.


Consistent quality assurance

We catch all the bugs and errors in the testing phase to make sure that your system runs error-free throughout its cycle.


Better test coverage

Using shorter testing cycles on a wider test base results in better test coverage, eradicating all errors and inconsistencies before going live.

QA Testing Tools and Frameworks

The testing market is riddled with numerous testing tools and frameworks, some of which provide similar testing techniques while others are more specific and conducive to applications. We help companies to choose the right testing tool or framework to ensure flawless applications. Our QA testers are well-versed with some of the leading tools and frameworks for testing of software and applications created with various technologies and coding standards.

01. Application assessment and planning

We cross-check the reference or requirements to gain a proper understanding of the application and determine which type of testing is required along with gauging the priorities and preparing a test environment.

02. Creating up a test framework

We choose the appropriate test strategy and implement test libraries and framework components by setting up coding standards, scripting reviews along with the strategy to deploy.

03. Test scripting

We identify a scenario-based scope for testing automation with testing cases for functionalities, after which our QA testers proceed with execution of automation test scripts.

04. Identifying defects and documenting results

Once the test script is executed, we verify the results of the automated tests and analyze bugs and errors with proper logging using an error tracking system.

05. Monitor processes and continuous improvement

Our QA experts measure important parameters like release cycle, time taken by automated testing, bugs discovered, user satisfaction index and application enhancement.

Hire top QA talent to deliver a superior product.