Designed specifically for the medium and large business enterprises, SAP ByDesign is a cloud-native ERP solution. It hosts an entire suite of intelligent cloud solutions helping organizations unify their business processes.

Stridely Solutions is a leading partner of SAP, helping organizations and enterprises move their infrastructural data and applications to the SAP platform. With us, you will never have to worry about the transformation as our team will walk you through all of the stages of migration.

Key Features of SAP ByDesign

Financial Services

From accounting data to cash flow management, SAP ByDesign helps you obtain a holistic view of your organization’s financial condition. Organize and Streamline your business accounting processes to manage cash effectively.

Key Features Of SAP ByDesign

Customer Relationship Management

Keep tabs on all your marketing activities, redefine strategies to boost sales, and increase revenue with custom-fit CRM solution software. Stridely Solutions help you extend the capabilities of SAP ByDesign driving customer engagement and enhancing experience.

Human Resource Management

From onboarding employees to managing requests, approval, and payroll, HR tools by SAP ByDesign helps you make the most out of your HR services.

Project Management

Promote real-time collaboration and management of your business projects. Assign tasks to employees, track performances, and do a lot more integrating SAP ByDesign in your business infrastructure.

Benefit from the capabilities of SAP ByDesign with us. Stridely Solutions professionals will utilize this solution in the best manner for your organization.

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