SAP Solution Manager

Run Enterprise Applications with SAP Solution Manager Solutions

SAP Solution Manager helps align business processes with end goals. With a dedicated SAP solution manager, you can easily identify loopholes, trace technology gaps, and implement solutions to boost operational efficiency.

From development to integration and operation, SAP Solution Manager centralizes the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Leveraging the tools, processes, and functions of ALM, industry leaders can work effectively using enterprise applications at most of its capabilities.

We at Stridely Solutions house a team of SAP experts that will assist and guide you through all the stages, helping you improve operational efficiency and reduce overall cost. Get in touch with us to know more.

SAP Solution Manager Services

Encompassing a suite of solutions, SAP Solution Manager tied the day-to-day business landscape. The major offerings of the same includes:

01. Operations and SAP Monitoring

Our team works closely with your IT department to find our areas that can be improved and optimized. Stridely Solutions work at the forefront of the organization performing an end to end analysis of the existing infrastructure and outlining measures to better the same.

02. IT Service Management

ITSM services, modules, etc are assessed and analyzed to identify problems, incidents, and other data issues. Significant steps are adopted to fix and optimize the above.

03. Business Process Management

Business-critical processes and business applications are monitored to render an all-in-one view of the organizational activities. This helps in dealing with problems at an early stage and fixing them at the earliest.

04. Test Management

Test Management in SAP Solution Manager ensures that the whole test environment has been deployed effectively. Our team at Stridely Solutions evaluate the existing ecosystem, raising tickets as and when needed to improve the test management scenario.

05. Change Management

Lastly, our experts work to identify the changes that have been induced in the environment, supervising the actions an organization must take to ensure audit compliance. We ensure that changes are manifested in a reliable and secure manner.

With expert staff and domain leaders, we are here happy to guide you and help you implement SAP solutions in the best possible way.

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