Smart Product Recommendation System

A good recommendation system will always boost your sales. When it comes to apparels or footwear, the use of better recommendations using image contents are always a matter of prime importance.


Key features

Enhance ecommerce customer experience

Key features

Quick and Easy Integration into Your Environment

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Increased conversion rate

AI capabilities have made it possible to take your website’s raw visitor data and make informed predictions about customer preferences and intent to increase conversion and drive positive business outcomes.

Improve cart value

Recommending the same things over and over again is clearly not going to improve the value of people’s carts since they’ve already seen those products, are not interested in them, or might not want to repurchase. Instead, you’re using your large database of products to always recommend new products that will appeal to their needs and wants.

Make your own rules

Tailor the shopping experience across your entire site to fit your merchandising strategies. We build custom recommendation engines that utilize filters, amplifiers and visibility conditions to match products and customers.

Key features

Maximize revenue with a deep learning recommendation system

Personalize Content with Highly Versatile and Scalable Solution

Building on our large platform from numerous domain names and location sizes, we write our very own algorithms to suit customers’ needs.

Personalized Recommendation automatically suggests items that best compliment a specific product being viewed by customers at the bottom of each product page.

Encourage Up-sell and Cross-sell

Providing with the facility of recommending the similar product based on the selected product with matching the pattern, color, type of item as to provide with more varieties and better options for the same product.

Upsell and cross-sell products with visually similar and complete the look recommendations

Retail Analytics Dashboard

Share Insights Across Regions

Deep learning & NLP powered customer sentiment analysis

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