Analytics & Visualization

Stridely Solutions offer an entire suite of data analytics and visualization services helping organizations integrate data from different sources, study and analyze it to make better decisions.

Transform raw, unstructured data into meaningful insights leveraging the benefits of data analytics solutions from us. Data visualization is one way of displaying enterprise data to the end-users in an organized and structured format. Stridely Solutions has a team of data scientists and analysts that work endlessly to cater to our customer’s requirements, helping them set and establish a data-driven work culture.

With us, all your data would be safe and secure. We deploy best-in-industry practices to design visuals that tell your enterprise story. Our end to end Analytics and Visualization solutions include:


Design a custom-fit data platform

Create a business-specific data platform to centrally store all of your enterprise data, offering employees limited access to the same. Leveraging ETL tools and similar processes, we help you make the most out of your organization data.


Dashboard Development

Integrating the right tools to study and assess your data, we extend our services to the development of a customized dashboard.


Data Visualization Optimization

From data sources to the data model, our team works closely with your employees to optimize visualization solutions and improve business performance.

Power BI

Stridely Solutions owns a comprehensive suite of solutions custom-made to help organizations leverage from the potential of Power Platform. We help ensemble all your organizational data and fuse it to work as a single unit, enhancing your business’s value.

Oracle BI

Stridely Solutions provide an all-around BI integration and implementation solution to industries and organizations across the globe. Our team renders Business Intelligence design and development solutions. From ETL Development to data.


Revolutionizing the way data is used by organizations for decision-making, QlikView is a modern-day business analytics tool. With smart technologies and built-in intelligence, the tools surpass all of the limitations imposed by the traditional BI tools.


Embedded with hyperintelligence, MicroStrategy is an all-in-one solution for all your data analytics and visualizations needs. Inject insights, gather information, and regulate auctions leveraging the MicroStrategy BI tool.


Unlock the potential of your organizational data with SAP Cloud Analytics solution. Adorned with real-time business analytics, SAP BI solutions are designed keeping in mind the need for a flexible and reliable data intelligence tool.

Ms Core BI

The enterprise of today depends on information which influences important decisions for their betterment. BI solutions have come a long way in the past few years with the market constantly being flooded.


One of the fascinating Business Intelligence tools, Tableau helps you gain in-depth insights on data, rendering information that can be used to make smarter decisions. While Tableau is a simple and intuitive tool to use, the integration, deployment, and mi.


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