Beacon-enabled apps for better end user engagement

Pin pointing the location of users opens doors to proximity marketing unlike ever before. While GPS technology has been around for decades, the ability to determine the precise location of people has been an ongoing endeavor for marketers.

Beacons powered by Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi provide the much-needed touchpoints for contextual awareness with a host of abilities to transform visitor, guest or customer experience.

BLE mobile app development with beacon-based technologies


Tourist Attractions And Public Places

Beacon-based apps are a great option to deliver information about specific tourist spots and public places. They can also be used to provide a navigating guide around these spots for visitors and tourists. Apart from pushing the right information to end-users, beacons can also help tourists to buy souvenirs from gift shops as well as get menus, deals of the day from cafeterias and restaurants. Indoor navigation and wayfinding are other big uses of beacons in universities, resorts, buildings, museums and public institutions like train stations and airports.


Proximity Marketing In Retail

Proximity Marketing services from Stridely Solutions help companies to identify their users and empower them with contextual abilities for superior customer engagement and an unparalleled customer experience. Whether you want to segment customers according to behavior, interactions, loyalty or analyze product performance in real-time, proximity marketing solutions from Stridely are ideal to transform your business.


Hotels And Hospitality

Improving guest experience is a constant requirement for hotels and hospitality ventures. Beacons are an ideal way to keep the guests up to date with relevant information about their stay and provide a unique and personalized experience which adds to a better customer experience while saving time of the hotel staff. Our Bluetooth Low energy app development team will determine the areas of interest and create the ideal app for your hotel or hospitality business.


Industries And Warehousing

The movement and tracking of large assets are continuous challenges for industries and warehouses where assets are moved and shipped regularly. With beacons installed at certain points throughout the facility, these assets can be tracked and dealt with in a much more efficient manner. Combining other technologies like sensors, industries and warehouses can monitor their movement as well as keep a check on parameters like temperature and humidity which affect their quality.


Public Events In Stadiums And Venues

Stadiums that host large events from entertainment to sporting to institutional gatherings can leverage the power of beacon-based apps to provide personalized experiences to users. Event organizers can get an accurate count of visitors at particular spots and generate heat maps that show areas of interest. They can use this data to push content, offers and general information to individuals for better customer satisfaction.


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