Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is creating opportunities to measure and operate things based on a plethora of factors, giving rise to newer business models while disrupting existing scenarios. However, a successful IoT implementation requires a robust strategy as well as a definite roadmap – which is what we provide.

Stridely Solutions is committed to develop a unified ecosystem for continuous improvement in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and thus creating an “IoT-ized value chain”.

Our IoT Expertise to Foster Business Growth


IoT Consulting

Assessing your organizational readiness, technology stack, roadmap creation, choosing the right business case,to implementation, we will guide you throughout the process.


IoT solutions

We bring together the right IoT technologies which help the industrial and manufacturing sectors utilize every bit of data generated by assets and devices throughout the unit.


IoT application development

We provide comprehensive IoT solution development services that help you accelerate time-to-value, and optimize the IoT market opportunity on a sustainable basis with secure IoT apps.


Cloud integration

We help you with custom IoT solutions and efficiently deploy them on major cloud hosting platforms that empower you with enterprise-grade IoT solutions.


Device SDK

With our device SDK services, we help you make your devices IoT-ready by implementing data management solutions that support real-time data.


Device API

Easily connect your IoT-enabled devices to the cloud with our device API services. Our expert IoT team helps you transform your infrastructure to become IoT-adaptive.

Our IoT Approach


Easily connect people process & technology to all your assets


Seamlessly capture streaming data from IoT enabled devices


Integrate your enterprise eco-system with all the IoT data points 


Get tangible business results from an IoT driven connected infrastructure

Providing IoT Services to Various Industry Verticals

We provide Internet of Things applications to startups as well as Fortune 100 companies with best-in-class tools and technologies.

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IoT tools and platforms
IoT programming languages
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Predictive Maintenance
Google Cloud IoT
Java development
Smart Healthcare
Azure IoT Suite
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Oracle IoT Cloud Connect
Smart Facilities
IBM Watson IoT
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