Machine Learning

Leverage machine learning solutions to transform your business paradigm

Businesses generate a massive amount of data and it is essential to convert that data into insights. This helps companies to solve critical challenges. Machine learning algorithms help organizations to process their data, analyze it, and present them with meaningful insights.

With Stridely Solutions’ machine learning services, you will be able to explore the possibilities hidden in your data. We develop custom solutions that help you process high volumes of data and run sophisticated algorithms for machines to learn how to perform a task by themselves. Our experienced team uses machine learning and AI for anomaly detection, forecasting, spam filtering, product recommendations, and many more ML and AI applications.

Types of Machine Learning You Can Utilize

01. Supervised learning

In supervised machine learning, you feed labeled training data to the system. Algorithms like classification, regression, and random forest. can be applied to get desired results.

02. Unsupervised learning

You feed unlabeled data like real-time data to the system. With algorithms like K-means clustering, association, and K-nearest neighbor mapping, the system learns over a period of time.

03. Semi-supervised learning

This involves both labeled and unlabeled data to train a system. A combination of algorithms like classification, K-means clustering can be used in semi-supervised learning.

04. Reinforcement learning

This method includes choosing a suitable approach or action needed to achieve desired benefits from the outputs. Here, the training data has the answer key with it to train the model correctly.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services


Predictive analytics

We help you exceed customer expectations with our predictive analytics solution. Take proactive measures by forecasting risks, customer preferences, and emerging trends. This will help with improved optimization of operations, increased productivity, and reduced cost.


Deep learning solutions

With our GPU-accelerated deep learning solutions, you can get real-time insights for better decision-making. We help you with feature detection from a large volume of unlabeled data. You can drive new revenue opportunities and gain competitive advantage.


Image and video analytics

Our image and video analytics services help you to detect objects and faces from sources (images and videos) taken in low-light or are pixelated. It can be used for sentiment analysis, visual search engine, fraud detection, and smart surveillance.


Natural language processing

With a combination of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, and computer vision techniques, we provide solutions like social media analysis, language detection, information retrieval, documentation categorization, and content classification.

Our Approach for AI/ML


Identifying right data

We identify right data sources, gather appropriate data, and analyze it.


Data cleansing

We perform data cleaning to improve its quality for further analysis.



We build and train models according to your business requirements.



Once we have achieved desired accuracy, we deploy the model.


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