Robotic Process Automation

Embedding Automation That Drives Change

Harness the potential of automation tools and technologies, swaying off the limitations posed by a traditional workforce. Stridely Solutions leads as one of the top RPA solution service providers offering best-in-class services in a way transforming the face of day-to-day business operations.

Stridely Solutions’ Take On RPA?


RPA or Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is all about workforce digitization. Where the traditional norms mandate every activity to be carried out manually, RPA as a Technology fosters the creation of a new business ecosystem, one where robots are trained to perform specific tasks. It could be something as simple as copy a piece of code or as complicated as processing huge chunks of data, analyzing, and optimizing it.

Either be the case, experts at Stridely Solutions own tremendous expertise and have the knack to re-engineer business operations in a way that increases productivity and enhances overall returns. Stridely excels in AA, BOT Creation, UiPath, helping organizations make the most out of the technology.

The tools used for implementing RPA as a Technology are highly robust and trained to work in all conditions. They are designed to manipulate data, process them, communicate with each other, and trigger responses. We help harness the power of the no-code platform of RPA and transform your business in a scalable manner.

Backed by a team of skilled engineers, we take pride in considering ourselves accountable for every piece of automation involved in our client’s business. We adopt a laser-focused approach to design and develop solutions that blend innovation with automation.

Stridely's Approach for RPA Implementation

Experts at Stridely Solutions make use of best-in-industry tools and technologies needed for embedding RPA as a technology. Our professionals have years of experience in working on UiPath, AA, and BOT Creation. However, not all solutions work for a single organization and so we deploy a four-step process to implement RPA as a Technology.


Assessment Of Infrastructure

To begin with, our team performs an in-depth scan of the infrastructure. They do a comprehensive search of pain points and areas that are time-consuming and can be benefitted from the adoption of automation.


Proposal & Approval

Once we have done our bit of research, the team then drafts a proposal which is shared with the client. The proposal has all the information about their infrastructural flow highlighting the places where and why should they opt for RPA as a technology.



Once approved, our engineers then embed industry-best tools and features to re-engineer the ecosystem and devise a solution that promotes RPA as a Technology.


Maintenance & Support

Post-implementation, a thorough scan is done at regular intervals to keep an eye on the solution, ensuring it to be free from errors.


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