Integration Platform

Transform your business infrastructure embedding the right solution in the right place. Stridely Solutions is one of the leading companies that help organizations deploy a cloud-native solution with ease.

We empower enterprises to level up their infrastructure and benefit from the integration platform. From consultation to integration and deployment, we at Stridely Solutions, help you at all stages of Integration. Reach out to our team to know more about what we do and how.


Scalable and flexible solutions designed to meet your business requirements, we help you integrate solution-specific platform as a service. Reduce the cost of hosting while improving the end to end efficiency with us. We help you find the right platform and the ideal model to leverage the power of the platform as a service solution.


Azure App Service

Leverage the power and potential of a fully managed platform. Extend your offerings with Azure App Service by utilizing Stridely Solution’s expertise. Offering the ease of building and deploying web apps, Azure App Service allows you to quickly create and consume APIs over the cloud and with a language that suits your interest best. Rich in performance and backed by security protocols, Azure App Service helps improve your organization’s productivity with ease. Our experts will set up everything perfect for you and leverage from it.


Azure Cloud Services

Enterprises require efficient cloud services to operate and Stridely can help your business achieve the same. Following a notion same as that of Azure App Service, Azure Cloud Services are a platform designed specifically to facilitate effective operation of applications that are both reliable and scalable. Running on Virtual Machines, the platform allows you to design high-end performing apps. Eliminate the need to worry about the hardware with Azure Cloud Services. Our Azure experts will deploy it excellently for you.


Oracle Cloud Services

As an end-to-end cloud computing solution, Oracle Cloud Solution is a platform as a service offered by Oracle. From networks to servers, storage, and others, Oracle Cloud Services provide all of the computing resources, making it easier and quicker for you to design and build cloud-native business applications. Need Oracle-recognized Cloud experts to enable the path of excellence through Oracle Cloud Services for your organization? Stridely could handle it all for you.


SAP Cloud Platform

Be it deployment, maintenance, upgradation or giving assistance to your employees, Stridely can handle anything that is related to SAP and SAP cloud platform. Developed by SAP SE, SAP Cloud Platform is a PaaS offered by the makers of SAP. The primary purpose of the platform is to simplify the process of designing reliable and scalable applications. Further, it helps integrate data as well as business logic to expand the business offerings. Drive agility and facilitate change with this all-in-one cloud-backed solution.


ServiceNow Now Platform

Stridely can help you improve and enhance the way of managing your work and refine end to end-user experience with ServiceNow Platform. Our experts can simplify the life of your enterprise solution development with it. In other words, ServiceNow is one of the leading cloud-based platforms facilitating workflow automation and enabling business organizations to level up operational efficiency. Streamline and automate your day to day tasks with ServiceNow.


Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) encompasses a suite of cloud solutions starting with the development, execution, and also the governance of data integration. With iPaaS, you can keep tabs on data irrespective of whether they are stored on-premises or over the cloud. Aligning your business activities with iPasS would be a tough task but not with us. Our professionals will help integrate the tools necessary for your business with ease.



One of the leading integration platforms, MuleSoft allows you to integrate data from one or more systems in an attempt to deliver an excellent experience. Stridely has deployment Mulesoft for multiple businesses and have seen its efficiency. The platform is compatible with all devices and offers the ease to move your business data to the cloud. Ask our experts to embed business automation and improve your overall efficiency with MuleSoft. Irrespective of whether you wish to connect on-premise applications or the ones in the cloud, MuleSoft supports all and Stridely can deploy it both ways.


Talend Cloud Data Integration

Looking for a secured integration platform? Talent Cloud Data Integration is all you need. Stridely can integrate both your on-premise as well as cloud-native data with Talent Cloud. This platform is considered to be one of the highly secured cloud integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). Equipped with an extensive suite of cloud apps, the platform offers quality-stricken, market-leading data integrity solutions. With Talend and our premium-quality services, your organization can stay assured about making decisions better and quicker.


Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that was purchased by Dell in 2010 and Stridely Solutions team has quite a good grasp on delivering related services. This platform has all of the IPaaS capabilities along with high-end ETL capabilities that your business might need. What makes this platform one of its kinds is the ability to add and integrate cloud applications/data along with the on-premise ones. Dell Boomi supports event-based batch processing in real-time. Want to start using this solution? Connect with Stridely experts.



Stridely excels at Workato integration services around the world. Adopted and integrated by more than 21000 business organizations, Workato is ideally a leader in the iPaaS segment. It is one of the few integration platforms that provide intelligent automation in an attempt to better the end-user experience. Utilize our services so that your business could collaborate with IT and create an automated infrastructure without compromising on security.


Migrating to the cloud is the new normal. Leveraging Software as a Service Solution helps organizations limit their expenses while benefiting from the tools. 

Stridely Solutions adheres to the same and has been at the forefront of innovation, helping organizations move their on-premise architecture to the cloud. 

We help you connect all the SaaS applications and further unlock the value of data by integrating them into SaaS infrastructure.

How Stridely Solutions Help?


Whether you are a fresh startup or a well-structured organization, our consultation team is all ears. They help you understand the different solutions and then suggest the ones that would work well for your organization.

Implementation Practices

After deciding the tool to be added to the business infrastructure, our team works in tandem with the IT department to outline ways using which the integration platform service would be executed.


Stridely Solutions goes beyond the extremes to help enterprises make the shift and adapt to the cloud culture. Our team takes the responsibility to assess the existing infrastructure and then prepare it to be cloud-compatible. Once done, the change is made ensuring minimal discrepancies.

Test and Approve

We extend our services to testing the deployed solution, and then approve if the same is ready to be used.

With us, you will never have to worry about the complexities or the security of enterprise data. Get in touch and have your infrastructure upgraded.


We would love to hear about your project.