Build scalable applications tapping on the potential of a cross-platform & flexible framework

Equipped with an array of tools, compilers, and a library of resources, .NET Core is the first choice of developing agile applications for business.

Components of the framework can either be used within a device, cloud-model, or in IoT sensors for the creation of blazing fast web applications. Stridely Solutions is one of the pioneers in this regard. We have worked for years in technology, helping organizations and enterprises deploy feature-rich applications.



Cross-platform Support

With Stridely Solutions, you can build .net core applications that run seamlessly on all platforms irrespective of their OS.


High Comparability

.NET Core is compatible with several other frameworks including. NET, Xamarin, etc.


Versatile Deployment

Stridely Solutions help you embed .net core solutions either in a device, application, or within a machine.


Microservice Enabled

Being lightweight, .net core can effectively be minimized to be useful for the microservices. Stridely Solutions help mix technologies within services leveraging its ability to be compatible with microservices.


Ideal for Docker Containers

Host Dockers on Linux or Windows or any cloud service with .NET Core. It has high modularity and not heavy in nature which makes it perfect for the containers.


Application Modernization

With Stridely Solutions, you have the flexibility to modernize your enterprise applications. Besides offering migration solution, we help your benefit from UI + Cloud + Container-based app deployment.


SaaS capability

Need help with Azure SaaS implementation? Stridely Solutions has a team of software developers who excel in deploying saas softwares in the existing infrastructure.

Planning to integrate a new application for your enterprise operations or upgrade and existing one to have features rendered by .NET Core, experts at Stridely Solutions will be of help. From code sharing to writing a new service in .NET Core, our team will help you enhance and modify your web applications, introducing the best flavor of ASP.NET Core.


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