Boosting collaboration and business agility with SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the most comprehensive collaborative platforms that offers content management, knowledge sharing, custom application development as well as widgets for businesses to function as unified organizations. With the integration of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, SharePoint has evolved into a massively transformational platform.

The right SharePoint expert can help you to gain the maximum out of your SharePoint implementation. We provide SharePoint services which include development, migration from earlier instances to the latest one, following best practices as defined by enterprise-grade best practices. SharePoint can work in various ways and our team of SharePoint experts customize it for your business with our custom SharePoint application development services.

Our custom SharePoint solutions

SharePoint portal development

Intranet portals are imperative for collaboration, content sharing as well as process and workflow management. Our SharePoint team will understand the core of your requirements and create seamless portals that offer easy information sharing, retrieval and optimal business efficiency with intuitive user interfaces.

Business process automation

Go down to granular levels of superior efficiency across multiple departments. We help you automate business processes resulting in higher productivity and better business outcomes. Using Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, we empower your organization with rich digital experiences which enable them to collaborate and do more.

Migration and updates

Every SharePoint update brings with it a host of new features and capabilities to do more with SharePoint. We help you to seamlessly move from earlier versions to the latest ones with zero downtime and complete data migration including managing of updates and patches.

Continuous support and training

Bank on the support you need even before you need it. We offer various SharePoint support services and provide hands-on training to ensure continuous uptime, smooth business operations and optimal value proposition.

UI / UX services

When handling complex business processes with multiple interdependencies, the right user interface goes a long way. By displaying relevant information on portals and sites, we design ideal interfaces which are in line with your company’s branding and provide a seamless user experience.

Consulting and governance

We provide consulting and governance services to devise the best set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how your personnel work together to achieve the company’s goals.

SharePoint customization & integration services

We help organizations connect and integrate disparate systems like CRM, ERP, ECM, BI, ITSM and others for a unified experience and gain complete control of your business. We also have team of Office 365 consultants who help you to leverage the extensive capabilities of SharePoint and Office 365 to get the maximum out of your IT investments.

SharePoint Customization & Integration Services

SharePoint tools and technologies expertise

We support the length and breadth of SharePoint with its numerous versions and iterations. Regardless of the implementation, our team of certified Microsoft experts are well-versed with the ecosystem in order to provide the ideal solutions for your business.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Office 365 is a comprehensive suite of Microsoft tools and services which include a host of cloud features. Depending on your subscription, get all Office products along with SharePoint Online, which is a full-fledged cloud-based version of SharePoint designed for content and knowledge management as well as sharing for faster information retrieval and seamless collaboration. We help companies to set up a SharePoint environment by choosing the right subscription plan and manage and create hub sites, team sites with robust security protocols provided by Microsoft.

SharePoint Server 2019

SharePoint Server allows companies to deploy SharePoint on-premises or the cloud as per their organizational needs. Modernity is the keyword for SharePoint Server 2019 with a full stack of SharePoint Foundation features which include SharePoint site pages, widgets, web parts and authoring, libraries and lists, modern search and more. We help companies to integrate SP Server with other Microsoft technologies such as MS Flow, PowerApps and Power BI.

Get your SharePoint implementation up and ready

Why Stridely for SharePoint Development Services?

Choosing the right version and deciding the right strategy to implement SharePoint can be a daunting task. We help companies devise the right SharePoint implementation strategy by assessing the existing setup, finding areas of improvement as well as key requirements.

Stridely will help you to work more efficiently by helping you with document management which can improve efficiency, empower your users and increase productivity. By choosing Stridely Solutions as your SharePoint development partner, you get the following benefits:

SharePoint Development Services
  • Retain and manage digital content
  • Organize and use information efficiently
  • Share data and files securely
  • Automate process workflows
  • Manage documents with version control
  • Audit trail with changelogs
  • Eliminate paper-based and manual processes
  • Access content instantly from anywhere at any time
  • Increase employee and organizational productivity
  • Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team