Android App Development

Our full cycle android app development services cater to all custom-built app requirements on the world’s most popular mobile platform. Our solutions transform legacy applications taking solutions into the next generation, leveraging the power of advanced technologies and concepts for an experience that is beyond immersive.

Business aligned apps help enhance workflows and processes by integrating solutions with existing software in use. Successful integration helps clients retain software solutions, while transforming various parameters – efficiency, productivity, ROI and future proofing of solutions to keep pace with rapid developments. Our solutions amplify the abilities of existing solutions adding extraordinary capabilities and features that simplify processes and transform levels of efficiency.

Tools & Frameworks For Sought-After Android Apps

Our expertise in various technologies helps to deliver a truly immersive experience in consumer and enterprise apps, weaving functionality with user experience. Streaming services, and graphics intensive apps are an area of expertise that we have mastered alongside powerful functionality that works seamlessly with a range of sensors and hardware components of devices. Our systems support sophisticated error reporting metrics and are fully scalable to meet expanding requirements.

Enterprise-Grade Backend Interfaces

One of the most important aspects of Android App development, backend integration is pivotal to the functionality. The need to access data and ensure real time connectivity to resources make back end integration the differentiator. We engineer solutions with seamless and secure back end integration, helping end users gain timely access to systems, helping deliver products that are feature rich, offering enhanced functionality.

Why Stridely Solutions?

Our turnkey solutions at Stridely add a layer of professionalism to client operations. From customer facing apps to employee facing apps, our services work alongside existing solutions in an overarching manner to lend an edge. We rely on the most advanced and comprehensive testing tools to ensure uninterrupted functioning of solutions in every conceivable scenario. We follow appropriate frameworks and methodologies that reduce the time spent of fixing issues.

Our full cycle development service straddles the entire concept to continuous maintenance and upgrade stages. We give life to concepts of clients turning them into powerful solutions that handle complex business problems. Our support is continuous, meeting requirements of clients swiftly before issues manifest into problems that impact business functions. The expertise of our team, infrastructure and the processes combine to offer support that is truly end to end.


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