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JavaScript frameworks come into our mind by default while talking about website and application development which is an integral part of today’s technology-driven era. This one language, JavaScript, has all the capabilities to make website development easy, scalable, interoperable and power-packed at very vertical. While you aim to use JavaScript you need to understand the need and significance of JavaScript framework.

Why JavaScript Framework?

JavaScript framework is a Java-based application development framework that brings a host of functionalities such as application designing and organization, concern separation, elimination of low-level details, and so on into your website development process. JavaScript framework is considered as the best web application framework till data and reasons are:


It offers whatever you need to get things done

Website development is already a tedious job. With this, if you have to procure tools from a different platform, do code-writing from scratch, and do testing at each level, things are going to be too complex and vexing to handle. With our JavaSrcipt framework, you get ready-to-implement codes that are tested beforehand and help you abolish all these steps from the website development process.


You can build websites that hold the visitors for a longer time

Building a website is not enough. You need to have interesting and captivating UI/UX, informative plug-ins, social media integration, third-party integration and many more to your website so that the visitors spend more and more time at your website. Again, the content should be latest and informative. JavaScript framework helps you achieve this with ease. You can introduce CMS tools on your website and offers up-to-date web pages to your visitors.

Stridely Solutions is the right resource to introduce JavaScript framework in your organization. With commendable experience in all the leading JavaScript frameworks such as Angular JS, React JS, Vue Js, and Node JS, we will help to leverage your website development procedure, reduce the development cost and web server load, and let you build encapsulated components as per the need of the hour.

Angular JS Framework

Formulated in JavaScript, Angular JS framework will help you to incorporate rich user-interface and protracted HTML in your websites. As it works on client-side model-view-controller & model-view architectures, website development and testing are easy than ever. Stridely Solutions has a team of Angular JS framework masters that will do custom-based Angular JS development, smooth data migration, front-end development, and real-time check of your application to improve their performance. We have boasting experience in all of Angular JS frameworks such as AngularJS Directives, AngularJS Expression, AngularJS Controllers, AngularJS Module and so on.

Our front-end engineering takes place with high-end tools such as Aptana, Webstrom, Mocha JS and so on. These tools are qualified to preserve concord and uprightness in throughout Js development and testing process. We keep on modernizing our AngluarJS front-end development tools and bequeath our clients with latest style and features. By choosing the right development tool for our clients, we offer tailor-made solutions to them.

Class Platform

Simple & Expressive

Speed & Performance

Maximum Users

Flexible Development

One Page Application

Data Binding & Fastest Load

React JS Framework

This open-source framework is one of the most reliable JavaScript frameworks if you are looking for single-page applications. You can also hire this JavaScript framework for UI components development. At Stridely Solutions, we can help you to make most of this free resource and get applications that use time-sensitive data without being asked for page reloading. We will help you fast, straightforward and end-user friendly application by using React JS native library.

At Stridely Solutions, we have a huge React JS development ecosystem including development tools, IDE’s, components libraries, and extensions. React Guide, React Cosmos, React BITS, and Atom React Plug-in are some of our prime React front-end development tools that render commendable and customized products.



Easy & Quick Testing

Easy to Learn & Implement

Faster Application Development

Code Reusability

Native Application Development

Server Side Rendering

Easy & Quick Live App Updating

Vue JS

VueJs is what you must require when you prefer to create lightweight and feature-rich web pages. This JS framework is the most up-to-the-minute and compelling more and more companies to espouse it. It has a long way to go and Stridely Solutions is its journey partner. We upkeep our promise to render the best-of-all JS framework and front-end development services with our experienced and seasoned VueJS developers.

Our high-end VueJs development service can be chartered for various business domains such as e-commerce, edutech, banking, healthcare, and so on and enables the industry to gain an edge over others. Whether you are looking for VueJS migration or development, we have got your back in all respect. With our latest VueJs development tools such as Vue CLI, Vue.js devtools, webpack, and Nuxt.js, we make working on VueJS an absolute pleasure.

Our lengthened helping hand

Though Angular, React, and Vue JS are our prime Js framework services, we know that clients’ needs may extend at any point of time. So, we also keep on expanding to serve more and more clients. This is what we offer extra.







Node JS Framework

Node JS, another frame JavaScript framework, has gained much of significance in website and application development landscape owing to its ability to run server-side JavaSciprts, to achieve dynamic web-page content, and to run your business site on multiple devices. Being one of the leading Node JS framework development company, Stridely Solutions will let to get hold of the customized portal and plug-in development, search-engine indexing, social-media integration, and user- friendly UI/UX designing in web-based and mobile applications.

Useful Business MNP's


Single Page Apps

Faster Application Development

Real Time Solutions

Data Streaming

Speedy Execution

HTML & CSS3, SAAS & LESS Developmental Solutions

The world of system and application development is not consummate without HTML & CSS3. While HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is web-development language, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets web description and present language. Stridely Solutions offers trustworthy service in both these crucial domains and help our client to get applications and web products that rule over the hearts of the end-users.

SaaS and LeSS stand for Software as a Service and Leaner Style Sheets Service respectively and help an application or system to conduct properly in the cloud-space. Cloud-operations has become an indispensable part of today’s IT industry and Stridely Solutions makes it safe and secure for our clients by all means. We will help you to build SaaS and less additional source revenue while eliminating the need for any further software vendors.





One For All

Stridely Solutions is the front face of technology. Driven by innovation and quality, we try to bring best-of-all to our clients. We can effectively mingle the benefits of all of the JavaScript frameworks with yearly ROI patterns into your organization and help you grow exponentially. By choosing us as your JavaScript framework partner, you will get:

JavaScript framework for every industry- One of the key traits of Stridely Solutions framework is that it can be integrated into any of industry landscape. Whether you are an enterprise or an individual, we offer custom JavaScript framework designed especially for you. Each development takes place with strict adherence to the user-associated development process. In this process, we design a solution based upon the number of users. As all our solutions are well-aliened with your business needs, you are likely to get maximum ROI and seamless operations.


Smooth data migration

As technology upgrades, you need to migrate your data as well. Data migration is one thing that every business has to do while operating customary operations. Stridely Solutions knows what worth business data for you and conduct need-based data migration with proper security measures.


All sorts of web and mobile development solutions

As you belong to any category, our Node JS Framework & frontend development is also highly diverse. We will design web and mobile application for your e-commerce platform and offline business belonging to any of the categories. With us, you can easily get user-friendly and feature-rich chat, gaming, online shopping, health & fitness and any other sort of mobile applications without any worries.


Out-of-the-box thinking

Every business has different demands and we know it well in advance. That is why we shun the practice of using pre-set framework for every client. We push ourselves beyond boundaries and come with web and mobile application development solutions that are aligned with your business needs and financial structure. Our team has the ability to pay unremitting attention to details and weave solutions accordingly.


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