From SAGE to SAP Business One: Why and how to Migrate?

From SAGE to Business One: Why and how to Migrate?

Data migration is a part of a sophisticated and crucial implementation procedure while investing in a modern business management software solution. Thinking of existing data migration procedure to a brand-new ERP system and the benefits of doing so? This article has you covered! That said, such migration diminishes the risk of unknowns, importing imprecision, and inessential material.

Weed Detection through Monitor Vision: A New Era in Farming

Effects of Monitor Vision Based Weed Detection on Farming

Weeds are a major factor that affects the quality and quantity of agricultural produce. Generally, chemical herbicide sprays are used for eliminating weeds from the farmland. But its continuous use adds waste and pollution to the ecological environment of the farmland.

How Cloud Analytics Boosts Business ROI: Drive Growth and Profitability

How Can Analytics on Cloud Boost Business ROI for Enterprises?

In this developing business world, organized analysis of last data patterns assists in building various business tactics for future operations and helps serve the customers better. Businesses use data analytics to perceive their customer choices better, stay competitive and maximize profit.