Business Process Outsourcing Consulting Services for Continuous and Resilient Business

Enter the world of Stridely, to see how our business process outsourcing services help build business continuity for improved intelligent processes to alter your enterprise.
With more and more organizations moving towards the adoption of groundbreaking technologies, there arises the need to align each of them. Stridely’s BPO services have been designed keeping in mind the need to attune technologies with business operations in a manner that drives revenue and fetches profits.
Enterprises nowadays faces certain challenges due to recent shifts in technology. Some of the challenges are mentioned below:

  • Keeping up with technological breakthroughs
  • Technology scaling to fulfill business demands
  • Recruiting and retaining top IT talent
  • Data storage and recovery management
  • Cost and risk management
  • Managing the Cloud Paradigm Shift

At Stridely, our Business Process Outsourcing Consulting Services include tried-and-true approaches to assist you in protecting your organization, optimizing human and technological resources, and growing through maturing procedures and capabilities. Intelligent workflows and structured approach, we are you all in one IT service partner and ensure maximum efficiency of operations enterprise-wide.

How to Utilize Business Process Services and Staff Augmentation Services in Sudden Business Outage Situations Efficiently?

How to Utilize Business Process Services and Staff Augmentation Services in Sudden Business Outage Situations Efficiently?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all of sudden you experience a business outage? Do you have a plan B in mind? If not, the time has come when you need to reconsider your business strategies and devise a plan that will help you sail through the hurdles.

Our Comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing Services

Using Stridely’s BPO services, customers have been successful in attaining operational efficiency, improving end-user experience, reducing costs and in a way being at peace of mind.

A business requires faultless IT service desk solutions that provide fast access to professionals who can then solve the problem. The challenge here is finding suitable people for your organization’s IT service desk role. Whereas an in-house team may fulfil your goals, Stridely’s expert committee may go above and beyond.
We are your 24/7 support partner as one of the global pioneers in providing superior and innovative desk services. Our Experts are highly trained and guided to identify the root cause of the problem and provide methods to address it.
Our approach to the IT Service Desk consists of the following components:

  • Services for Desktop Support
  • Remote Support
  • Upgrade of Hardware and Software
  • Software Stability and Longevity
  • Maintenance assistance

Providing virtualization support, which divides the organization’s resources into virtual servers is our forte. This allows for better resource usage, additional storage space, and, in some cases, cost savings for the firm.
Virtualization is an effective method of partitioning resources so that the business may install a greater number of technologies inside its existing infrastructure. Significant software is employed to advertise such solutions, and you may get the most cost-effective service engagement possibilities from Stridely Solutions professionals.
In an essence, our services revolve around:

  • Assessment and design
  • Migration
  • Managed services (Management and support)
  • VMWare and Hyper-V
  • Remote assistance

Adhering to the holistic approach, we work relentlessly to assist our clients make the most of their cloud computing by taking a comprehensive approach to migration and the Database segment. Our systems have been developed in such a manner that maximal infrastructure optimization is possible, resulting in efficient use and performance.
We assist enterprises in securely migrating their old segregated infrastructure to the cloud. Our professionals provide migration help for all apps running within the firm as well as the corporate database. We also assist clients in moving their present software solution to the cloud and switching to a cloud-based mailing system. All of the aforementioned is carried out under the supervision of domain specialists.
End-to-end migration services include the following:

  • Database and Application Server Migration
  • Office 365 support(E.g. G-Suite to Office 365, GoDaddy to Office 365 migration, Email server migration)
  • SQL (on-premise & Azure), My SQL, Mongo DB, Cosmo DB, Hadoop services
  • Stability & performance tuning

Stridely Solutions’ Microsoft 365 integration and collaborative solution powers instant messaging and one-on-one communication. Communication throughout the company and outside the infrastructure is critical therefore Stridely Solution builds infrastructure that allows enterprises to benefit from Microsoft’s flexible O365 solution.
Consultation and expansion of our services to include messaging solution customization and implementation is our niche. We provide all services for enterprises who need to transfer their messaging service to the cloud or incorporate licenses.

  • Cloud License
  • Account Management
  • Implementation & Customization
  • Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Migration
  • Support

Additionally, our IT architecture management services include comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions for your organization. Loss of data and server difficulties are unavoidable when data is housed on networks.
Stridely provides comprehensive backup and administration services to companies looking for network solutions and governance.

  • Disaster Recovery & Back-up management (Veeam, NAS & Tape-Drives, DPM)
  • Failover network design, configuration & execution
  • LAN & VPN integration
  • Network discovery, monitoring & performance analysis
  • Bandwidth management
  • IDS/IPS and firewall integration and support

Visualize, Evolve and Breakthrough

Through collaboration with Stridely, your company can imagine a successful IT-driven future, change existing processes, and adapt for long-term growth. We can assist you through three important periods with our complete business process outsourcing services and expert resources:

Visualize, Evolve and Breakthrough


Create a future to assist you in meeting greater corporate objectives.


Provide you with strategic direction, a proven set of procedures, and dynamic people to fully use the potential of your company ecosystem.


Provide continual feedback and assist you in using organized procedures for continuing company and technological advancement.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) services have evolved as Business Process Services (BPS)!

Sustainable development necessitates a new operating model focused on the client and powered by information to create extraordinary experiences and outcomes.
In diverse organizations “one-size-fits-all” solution will never work. Organizations that wish to prepare for the future must expedite their transition to intelligent operations. They must handle the critical elements of people, data, applied intelligence, cloud, and a partnership environment.
Business process services combine the power of technology with human inventiveness to manage anything at all from simple, everyday task-based processes to more complicated data-driven procedures that will meet the demands of organizations in the future.

BPO (business process outsourcing) services have evolved as Business Process Services (BPS)!


How to Utilize Business Process Services and Staff Augmentation Services in Sudden Business Outage Situations Efficiently?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all of sudden you experience a business outage? Do you have a plan B in mind? If not, the time has come when you need to reconsider your business strategies and devise a plan that will help you sail through the hurdles.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving the Business Process Automation Thoroughly?

Business processes or day-to-day business operations are crucial for the survival of a business entity. Organizations employ thousands of workers (depending upon the requirements) to meet the demands and keep their business flowing steadily. This consumes a lot of time and tons of effort. From filing requests to creating contracts, logging data, or processing them, employees spend nearly half of their day doing mundane, unproductive tasks.

Success Stories
Power Platform Utilization for Business Process

Integrating solutions to gather, manage, and monitor data with the Power Platform increasing efficiency and productivity. A leader of the chemical manufacturing industry, our client is a global exporter of chemicals and likewise products. Launched some 75 years ago, they have been growing beyond boundaries. They employ a massive workforce of 50+ employees, operating in 19 nations. Since its inception, they have managed to stay on the forefront, adopting tools and technologies to keep up with the industrial trends.

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