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Building Services Engineering industries are undergoing a major shift, with companies looking for new methods to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of essential business operations. All these are to be attained while improving overall performance and the user experience.

Stridely assists building and engineering solutions firms in harnessing the power of technology to minimise operating costs and complexity. Obtain end-to-end solutions that meet all stages of the construction lifecycle, from inception to completion, from our industry experts.


IT Offerings for building and engineering industry


App Modernization Solutions

Stridely water treatment solutions include app modernization solutions to help businesses become more connected. The replacement of resource-intensive desktop systems with mobile applications improve business agility.


Enterprise Applications

Stridely utility solutions focus on increasing end-to-end efficiency, improving performance and reducing business complexity by utilizing appropriate ERP solutions.


Building Information Modeling services

BIM (Building Information Modeling) services for the 3D modeling of the infrastructure and estimate material requirements.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

A flexible data analytics system is to be included, with reports and dashboards that assist in improving portfolio and project delivery.


Cloud Solutions

Stridely conducts cloud adoption initiatives to help businesses become more connected and responsive. Cloud infrastructure improves corporate agility by allowing for collaboration, remote asset monitoring,



To simplify operations, Stridely incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and cognitive automation. Automation helps in streamlining IT as well as business operations

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