Being the industry leader, Stridely Solutions ought to adhere to an acrimonious privacy policy toward our customers. We intend to protect and safeguard the privacy of our customers and this privacy policy parades our unwavering commitment towards it. The privacy policy defines our use of information collected, area of disclosure, and modus operandi while handling the customer data and information.

We beseech that all our business associates and customers should refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’ before joining hands with us. We also herald that we attain all the rights to alert/modify/change our ‘Privacy Policy’ at any point in time. Hence, we shall not be held accountable for any loss/damage/miscommunication arises due to your lack of knowledge about our new privacy policy. Though each of our associates will be notified about the changing way prior, we insinuate you refer our website before availing of our services or joining hands for any business association.

You shall understand that this privacy policy applies only to Stridely Solutions. We don’t represent any of our other affiliated companies and third-party websites.

Collection And Usage Of Personal Data

What All We Collect?

To endow our clients and business associated more with personalized service experience, Stridely Solutions gathers a set of personal data. Here, by personal data, we mean:

  • Full name
  • Email ID & Telephone number
  • Various digital identification indicators like Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, chief OS, and device details
  • Basic metadata like location, cookies, and time spent on pages.

We collect all this personal data through a secure registration process and request you to offer only the latest and true-to-your-knowledge information. Any failure in service delivery/ delayed or wrong service delivery/loss incurred due to a lack of proper personal data will not be entertained at any cost. Hence, we request you to be true to yourself while you are completing the registration process.

Though you are not bound to provide all of the above-mentioned personal data to us, it is an obligation to avail the best of our services. If you choose not to provide your data then you shall understand that we may not be able to cater to your needs properly and we shall not be held responsible for the unsatisfactory service delivery afterward.

You shall understand that never collect/conserve any of your banking details which you use while making the payment.

Our payment gateway is highly encrypted and never stockpiles any banking information. Hence, we shall not be held responsible for any banking fraud and money loss. However, you must comprehend that being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Stridely Solutions brings stringent payment policies into practice and put a cap on such incidents by all means.

Where We Use Your Personal Data

Your personal data is the exclusive property of Stridely Solutions and we use it with utmost diligence. Your personal data can be used to:

  • Offer you a personalized experience
  • Do right need assessment
  • Promote inbound marketing and sales
  • Endow you with par excellence customer care service
  • Suggest you our other products that can meet your requirements better
  • Offer you our newsletter and subscription information
  • Conduct internal product quality research
  • You shall understand that there is no unwanted and unnecessary perusal data disclosure to any of the external resources by Stridely Solutions.

Data Storage And Maintenance

Your data is our asset and we bring industry’s best data storage and protection measures into practice while handling your data. You shall be au fait with the fact that we retain all your personal data as long as you are availing our service.

In the case of service discontinuation, we retain data for a maximum of 5 years. Throughout these years, your personal data can be transferred or processed outside the country of capture.

Disclosure Of Personal Data

You shall understand that your personal data can be disclosed with our without your consent if Stridely is bound by certain conditions.

Disclosure to Third-parties

Your personal data is likely to be shared with our affiliate companies and other third parties to offer better and par exceptional service experience. However, we will likely to bring this into your notice.

Disclosure demanded by law

If any government authority or legal process put forward the request of your personal data disclosure then you must comprehend that Stridely Solutions will do it regardless of your consent.

Third-Party Data Handling

We may offer you various third-party links on our website as a part of our business process. You shall understand that the logos, products, services, and use of data by these third-party websites have no link with Stridely Solutions and we shall not be held liable for any loss/damage incurred due to the usage of these third-party links.

We have no role to play in the ‘Privacy Policy’ and the data handling process of these third-party websites. Hence, we declare that you should refer/use these third-party websites at your responsibility. However, we must bring it into your kind notice that we use several authentic third-party data processors ensuring the right personal data handling from our side. Hence, all these third-parties are safe and secure for future usage.

Use Of Cookies

As we aim to deliver the best services to our clients, we may use cookies and similar technology to gather more metadata and track your information and our website usages. All the information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies remains the sole property of Stridely Solutions and we reserve all the right to use it as per our convenience.  However, you are free not to allow cookeries to collect your browsing data.

Change In The Privacy Policy Statement

You shall understand that Stridely Solutions detain all the legal right to change/amend this privacy policy statement without any prior notice. None of our customer and business associates has any role to play in this. As the current and latest privacy policy will be deemed as effective, you shall refer our website regularly to have the updated information.

In case of any queries and doubts regarding our privacy policy, you can get in touch with us at We always lend an ear to your concerns.