Unlock the potential of your data with our expert data analytics consulting services & solutions

In the digital era, data is the currency of success. We prioritize your analytics needs, align strategies with your goals, and implement tailored data solutions. Our  data analytics services empower your team with training and ensure ongoing program success.  Whether it is data management, business intelligence, predictive analysis, data analytics & insights, or strategy and roadmapping, our expertise transforms information into impactful results. Through insightful, data-driven delivery, we empower organizations with crucial insights unearthed from large datasets. Maximize your data’s value with our data analytics consulting service & solutions – where insights drive decisions, efficiency soars, and success becomes a strategic advantage. In the digital era, we prioritize, strategize, and implement tailored solutions. Empower your team through training and ensure continuous success. Unleash hidden insights, elevate efficiency, slash costs, amplify customer satisfaction, and gain an unbeatable competitive edge. Power your success through data mastery!
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Data and Analytics Offerings

Leverage the power of data to propel business success through our all-encompassing data analytics consulting services & solutions.

Data Warehousing

Efficiently store and manage your data, enabling seamless analysis and insights.


Data Visualization

Translate intricate data into clear, actionable insights through compelling visualizations.


Managed Shared and Support Services

Entrust your data management and support requirements to our team of experts.

4 Steps for successful BI implementation with Stridely solutions

Unleash the potential of data for business transformation through Stridely Solutions’ established BI implementation approach.


Define goals, pinpoint key data sources, and establish a data governance plan.


Architect your BI system, craft reports and dashboards, and seamlessly integrate with existing systems.


Train your team, launch in the production environment, and ensure ongoing monitoring and maintenance.


Convert data into insightful visualizations, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and drive data-driven decisions.

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Data analytics and visualization stack

We provide data analytics and BI solutions and services tailored to meet the needs of enterprises. We have a highly experienced and trained team of data analytics and business intelligence experts specializing in building tailored tools and solutions that can generate expected results.

Our analytics and visualization solutions cover:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Qilkview
  • Qlik sense
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
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Our partner ecosystem

Bringing together the best of our partner network to create competitive advantage of your business.