From concept to creation with tekla structures

Tekla is a software program that enables engineers and builders to produce viable models for study and design prior to construction. Stridely utilizes the power of Tekla’s capacity to create intricate structural designs that are not only architecturally-accurate but also viable.

With Tekla, you can create, combine, manage, and distribute accurate multi-material models full of construction information. From conceptual planning to fabrication and on-site construction, Tekla is used at all stages for design, detailing, and information management.

As a trusted partner of Tekla, Stridely helps construction engineering and consulting companies implement the use of Tekla Structures to perform their key business function. We believe to digitize the design and engineering industry through automation. Stridely has employed a qualified team of Tekla engineers who can leverage their expertise and knowledge to bring the project from concept to reality.

Building planning with Tekla

Tekla Services by Stridely

Tekla Support

Whether it is a new development or migration from a legacy application, Stridely provides clients with all the services that are required from visualizing stage to Go-Live with Tekla Structures. Stridely also provides post-implementation support and training to clients to make sure there are no challenges faced by the clients to run their business smoothly.


Enabling 3D Design and Drafting in Tekla Structures

As per your requirements, Stridely engineers enable you to create an information-rich and accurate 3D model. The 3D model would have each structural data that is required to build and sustain the structure. To create a workflow, data can be imported, exported, or linked with other software solutions, and digital tools for the design and construction of building structures.

BIM Model Automation

Stridely helps you automate the BIM modeling process using pre-calculated design conditions. This process allows you to quickly react to project changes and focus more thoroughly on the engineering itself, while still producing quality models. Automating the BIM modeling process adds incredible value and provides ease to delivering your projects effectively.

Custom API development

Stridely offers API customization services for Tekla Structures. Custom API development is needed to precisely calculate the required components for the creation of building structures. API customization assists in managing RFIs (Requests for information), generating connections between parts, and form out reports with the calculation values.

Custom Component & Plug-In Development

On top of the out-of-the-box features offered by Tekla, custom components and plug-ins can also be developed. The custom components, with the help of BIM technology, allows you to understand your customers’ building requirements in a better way. Plug-ins help you expand the strength of functions you can perform with Tekla Structures.

Streamline Reports

Stridely enables your company to develop streamlined reports consisting of project estimation, accuracy, and affordability for your customers. We use the latest technology for you to generate reports and provide blueprints of building models.

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Why Stridely?

As Trusted partner of Tekla our Drafting & Modeling services will fulfill all your expectations with great efficiency. With our fair pricing and on-time delivery, we strive to prove our diligence.

  • An agile approach to adapting to challenging ongoing project requirements.
  • Trusted Tekla partner with huge experience in design and engineering
  • Utilization of years of experience of Stridely’s core design and engineering team.
  • Innovative and dynamic solutions to cater best to your needs.
  • Tekla Experts with detailed knowledge and experience

Get more of your investment with Tekla customization

  • Enhanced productivity with intelligent 3D BIM and analysis
  • Automatic numbering and reporting functionality
  • Open API – Sole platform that allows customization
  • Instant, detailed BIM integration and customization
  • Easy integrations of Tekla services with other software and digital construction tools
  • Multi-disciplined (civil, structural, piping and mechanical) in one platform


Our partner ecosystem

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