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In today’s dynamic digital landscape, cloud computing stands as a game-changer. Cloud offers businesses unparalleled agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Our comprehensive cloud migration services and strategy guide you through this transformative journey. Our cloud solutions ensure a seamless transition to the cloud while minimizing disruption and maximizing business value.

Our experienced cloud migration experts craft tailored strategies, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and automation tools for a rapid and secure transition. Benefit from unmatched agility, optimized costs, enhanced security, and accelerated innovation. We ensure your business thrives in the cloud, meeting evolving demands and propelling growth.

Partner with Stridely to unlock the boundless potential of cloud computing. Propel your business to greater heights of success with our cloud migration services and strategy. Contact us today for cloud migration consulting and take the initial step on your transformative cloud migration journey.

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Cloud migration approach

Our cloud migration services and strategy revolve around a comprehensive evaluation of existing infrastructure, assessing application compatibility, and prioritizing data security. Our emphasis is on achieving a smooth transition through the implementation of best practices and minimizing disruptions to operations. 

Strategy and Roadmap Creation

Devise a customized plan aligning with business goals and timelines for cloud migration solutions.

Infrastructural Audit

Cloud migration experts evaluate on-premises infrastructure thoroughly to identify migration opportunities and challenges. security and compliance implementation services.

Design and Automate

Develop and implement automated migration processes for a smooth transition with minimal downtime.


Conduct rigorous tests on workloads to ensure seamless and secure functionality in the cloud environment.

Multiple cloud migration models to choose from

Re-host (lift & shift)

Adopting a “re-host” approach is known as lift and shift. It involves transferring your current workloads and applications from an on-premises environment to the cloud without altering their architecture or code. This method is ideal for applications already operating seamlessly on-premises and not requiring major modifications to leverage cloud capabilities.


Opting for a “re-platform” strategy involves migrating existing applications to a different cloud platform or service provider. This option is chosen when the current platform no longer meets business needs or offers enhanced performance or cost efficiency opportunities. This approach benefits applications needing integration with other cloud services or access to new features.


The re-factor approach is the most intricate migration strategy. It involves rewriting existing applications to leverage cloud-native technologies and architectures fully. This method can yield substantial improvements in performance, scalability, and agility. It is particularly recommended for critical business applications with a long-term lifespan.

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Why should you move to cloud?

With the worldwide pandemic, more and more organizations are moving to the cloud, redefining their offers, and becoming increasingly cost-efficient, nimble, and imaginative in how they run their enterprises.
Cloud computing, as an on-demand, self-service ecosystem, is constantly increasing, thus playing a critical role to achieve end-to-end digital transformation.
Perks of migrating to the cloud:


  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • Ability to innovate more quickly
  • Reduction of rising resource needs
  • Improved management of rising consumer demands
  • Cost-cutting measures
  • Produce quick business outcomes
  • Make it simpler
  • Transition to everything as a service
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