Global Partners

Stridely Solutions India Pvt Ltd. believes that conversance and expertise should be rendered to the world to make it a better place. Our US arm and direct subsidiary is registered as Stridely Solutions corporation, heading office location at Ohio. Moving forth with the same philosophy, our team leverages our industry excellence and in-depth technological acumen by joining hands with global market leaders. We have wide global IT specialists and developers network at your disposal regardless of your geographical coordinates.


Stridely Solutions is the world’s leading Microsoft global partner accelerating digital progress of business across the world. We will create flexible and scalable Microsoft-based systems capable of meeting all the needs of your changing business landscape. With Stridely Solutions and Microsoft partnership, you can accomplish more.


We are SAP’s global partner endowing our clients with leading SAP tool handling, training, and system development assistant across the globe. We have a wide global network of SAP specialists helping businesses of all sizes and shapes meeting their organizational goals. The intelligent ERP suite of SAP S/4HANA® can be easily managed by us.

Security Weaver

At Stridely Solutions, as reseller and service partners of Security Weaver, our teams have the expert knowledge on Security Weaver solutions. With this, organizations can meet compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), or Department of Defence (DoD) mandates. Moreover, business managers can reduce risk of frauds by making their processes more secure and consistent; while auditors can confidently report the operational integrity of their clients.

Automation Anywhere

Stridely Solutions join hands with Automation Anywhere to deliver a need-specific and advanced automation platform. Businesses of all sorts can be profited with this partnership by seizing time-bound, high-end, and well-integrated work automation solutions.

Oracle Partner

Taking cloud solutions to a whole new level and continuing its legacy of supporting organizations move their enterprise to the cloud, Stridely Solutions has partnered with Oracle. This adds Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform services to the list of cloud solutions rendered by the organization.



Stridely Solutions is a certified Odoo partner endowing our clients with a suite of high-end integrated business apps, training, and implementation assistance across the globe. Business of all industry verticals can automate processes through its agile structure and our experience while enjoying customized, time-bound, and needs revolving solutions helping businesses meeting their organizational goals.

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