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To re-platform means, migrating your assets from a sequentially stored database to a more unified cloud platform, enhancing the system’s overall capacity with modern coding practice and robust architecture to take up the next level of enhancements that your organization would need at this stage. It helps businesses leverage their containerized run time of applications and improve their production capabilities.
In order to stay head-to-head with the market expectations, you need:

  • To drift your application to the next-gen experience, irrespective of it being partially or fully native.
  • To choose the right strategy for the right application.
  • The integrated environment on a common platform.
  • Stability, Scalability, Security, and Sustainability.

Major companies have already shifted to the cloud. Though you might not be aware, some of your workloads are already on the cloud itself. However, a simple migration to the cloud might not be sufficient to fulfil business objectives. As a result, enterprises are investing in re-platforming as a cloud migration alternative to better meet their digital transformation goals. However, if you haven’t gone through the process previously, re-platforming might appear to be a black box.

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Why you should re-platform?

Re-platforming has several advantages, including increased horizontal scalability, application runtime, and flexibility, as well as greater automation and cost efficiency. Other advantages include:

Increases application performance

Re-platforming provides noticeably improved performance in the upgraded regions as well as the entire program, without the expense of restructuring or re-architecting.

Elevate automation

Re-platforming can help you integrate managed services, enhancing staff efficiency and reducing human mistakes.



Time efficacy

Restructuring your application takes less time than totally rebuilding its architecture. To speed up the move, developers can leverage existing resources such as languages, caches, and development frameworks.

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX expenditures

Re-platforming can also aid in the shift from on-premises to cloud-based services. Instead of purchasing licenses or software altogether, you may choose a pay-as-you-go/subscription approach, which lowers both CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.

Minimizes operational risk

Over time, updating and improving individual components helps decrease risks such as service availability concerns, unanticipated security vulnerabilities, and compliance challenges.

Reduces downtime

Without major modifications, things are less inclined to go wrong, resulting in less possible downtime, revenue loss, and customer attrition.



Develop your cloud-native level

Re-platforming allows you to progress at your own pace from cloud-ready to cloud-friendly to cloud-resilient to cloud-native.


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Re-Platform with Stridely Solutions

Stridely can assist you to re-platform to contemporary, scalable cloud architecture. We can help set your systems on a road of growth, success, and maintainability. We can take the lead on frontend and backend design and development, integrations, data migration and replatforming services. We work with all business domains, irrespective of their size and structure.

  • Work with us to notify the aim of re-platforming and tradeoff your business with cloud benefits.
  • Agile methods help drive maximum advantage and give you a transparent view of our working strategies.
  • Identify the viable factor off the 12-point methodology prior to cloud migration.
  • Migrate to the cloud while your business seamlessly reaps the value of a cloud-driven environment.
  • Accelerate success with native cloud platforms.
  • We don’t just work but add value to your business and help it rise beyond boundaries.
  • Be part of the migration journey and know what it takes to re-platform your application with us.


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