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If your organization is also seeking to automate extremely repetitive, regular operations traditionally handled by knowledge professionals, look no ahead to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Robotic Process Automation enables faster and error-free completion of day-to-day operations, freeing up workers to focus on higher-value work.
Stridely provides Microsoft Power Automate, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere RPA consulting, installation, maintenance, and governance services across various business functions.
We assist enterprises in reducing human error, increasing throughput, growing productivity, improving compliance as well as customer service, and accelerating time-to-value with our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services & solutions.

Entering the Decade of Automation - RPA for All

Entering the Decade of Automation - RPA for All

Gone are the days when everything was done manually. No matter how incoherent the job was or how repetitive the task, everything was done through human intervention. However, with time, the trend has changed and technology evolved.

Amplify the Power of Workforce with our range of Robotic Process Automation Services & Solutions

RPA strategists at Stridely assist you in understanding and identifying boring, day-to-day operations that can be automated. We highlight key productivity optimization possibilities, document processes that need to be automated, and enable automation mode based on your company’s specific RPA needs. We also create a roadmap for automation deployment, map manual processes to automation, and identify along with building intervention models based on your company’s specific RPA needs.

Stridely has RPA certified team and Stridely uses a regular implementation strategy for deployment: we inventory all processes, choose the processes that can be implemented in Robotic Process Automation, and generate a thorough map of specific procedures to be automated. We use agile methodologies to build and deploy process automation, and we consistently drive efforts toward improvement to guarantee alignment with your automation strategy’s long-term goals.

We expand the scope of your business capabilities with easy-to-use tools and backend automation that handles a large portion of your redundant activities.

Our RPA development services transform RPA modules into full-fledged solutions and integrate robots into modern business functions. We ensure that RPA tools are bug-free and function properly, while also offering training for end-user onboarding.

Stridely provides a variety of support and governance solutions to monitor the current performance and efficiency. We establish the appropriate governance rules and controls to manage automated operations, as well as construct robust disaster recovery protocols to cope with risks and failure. We also give RPA users with periodic training to make sure they are well-versed in automated procedures and are maximizing their potential.

Why more and more Businesses are Implementing RPA?

RPA is being used by several enterprises to simplify company processes and cut expenses. It enables them to save labor expenses and eliminate human error.
The premise is simple: let humans do what they do best while robots do the duties that are hindrances.
Let’s take an example of RPA’s effectiveness. Simple, repetitive processes like copying and pasting information between corporate systems, can be sped up by 30% to 50% when handled by robots. By reducing the potential for human mistakes, such as transposing numerals during data entry, automating such processes can enhance accuracy.
Enterprises can further boost their automation efforts by combining RPA with cognitive technologies such as machine learning, speech recognition, as well as natural language processing, thereby automating higher-order activities that formerly needed human perceptual and judgment abilities.

Our Value Proposition


Our engineers have extensive industry expertise in implementing specialized IT initiatives to help your business succeed.


We have a solid RPA team with competence in RPA architecture, Enterprise Architecture, AI Developers, Business Analysts, and IOT Engineers.

Domain Expertise

We have hands-on expertise with vertical-specific domain projects in Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Retail.

Global Presence

We have worked on projects in a variety of industries and in several regions.


Because of our extensive network, we have more access to the most recent trends. Automation Anywhere, Bot Creation and UiPath are among our technology partners.

Our RPA Implementation Approach

Our RPA Implementation Approach

Experts at Stridely Solutions make use of best-in-industry tools and technologies needed for embedding RPA as a technology. However, not all solutions work for a single organization and so we deploy a five-step process to implement RPA as a Technology.

To begin with, our team performs an in-depth scan of the infrastructure. They do a comprehensive search of pain points and areas that are time-consuming and can benefit from the adoption of automation.

Evaluate processes based on defined RPA process and find correct processes.

Once we have done our bit of research, the team carries out POC with selected processes and analyzes outputs plus metrics.

Once approved, our engineers then embed industry-best tools and features to re-engineer the ecosystem and devise a solution that promotes RPA as a Technology.

Embed RPA with continuous improvement and future integration with other technologies.

Why choose Stridely for RPA services

Why choose Stridely for RPA services?

Stridely is a leading RPA solution provider, we experiment and reinvent enterprises on a continuous basis. Our skilled team of architects, business analysts, and RPA engineers works with you to create game-changing RPA solutions and optimize your company’s ability to service and expand. Our experts utilize an agile, one-of-a-kind methodology to define your RPA plan, build a systematic approach, and identify relevant tools for your specific needs.


RPA: A Blessing in Disguise for Accounting & Finance Industry

Can you imagine having a skilled accounting & finance workforce which don’t need a coffee break, meet all the deadlines, never miss out on a single detail, automatically double-check the information, and is never late during the taxation season?

How Artificial Intelligence Is Improving the Business Process Automation Thoroughly?

Business processes or day-to-day business operations are crucial for the survival of a business entity. Organizations employ thousands of workers (depending upon the requirements) to meet the demands and keep their business flowing steadily. This consumes a lot of time and tons of effort. From filing requests to creating contracts, logging data, or processing them, employees spend nearly half of their day doing mundane, unproductive tasks.

How Robotic Process Automation Improves Efficiency of Manufacturing Sector?

Ever wondered how much does the execution of repetitive and mundane tasks cost to your company? Well, it does cost you huge.

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