Foray into the digital transformation with Industry 4.0

The manufacturing sector is a huge industry that requires the complete availability of all its costly assets at all times. All these assets need the latest technology that can sustain the vulnerabilities of the industry while providing a robust architecture.
Our Manufacturing Consulting Services clientele boasts reputable international brands that have been pioneers in the industry. Stridely manages to deploy industry processes in accordance with assisting our clients to reinvent and flourish.


Digital manufacturing services to build a resilient ecosystem

data ana

Data Analytics and Modeling

IT solutions for manufacturing, data analytics, and modeling boost business performance and
decision making to enhance operations and streamline processes.

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IoT solutions

Manufacturing technology solutions and intelligent IoT technologies transform
manufacturing processes, boost production, and revolutionize manufacturing business.


Industry 4.0 and Automation

To simplify operations, Stridely manufacturing practice implements robotic automation across processes. Our professionals use robots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate mobility, logical thinking,

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Enterprise Solutions

Stridely manufacturing solutions focuses on increasing end-to-end efficiency, improving performance, and reducing business complexity by utilizing appropriate ERP solutions.

app mode

App Modernization Solutions

Manufacturing technology solutions help in app modernization to facilitate manufacturers to
enhance security, leverage scalability, streamline functionalities.

supply chain

Supply Chain Transformation

IT solutions for manufacturing make real-time mitigation of supply chain risks combining surveillance technology.

custom app

Custom Application Development

Digital engineering and manufacturing services with custom app development solutions
implementing ML, AI, and IoT to drive valuable insights for well-defined actions.

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Why Stridely for the manufacturing industry?

Unified Manufacturing Processes to Drive Resilience, Innovation, and Revenue Generation

● Incorporates industrial IoT, IT, and enterprise applications to build an agile manufacturing
● Smart supply chain management with detailed insights and future predictions
● Enhanced resource utilization with productivity driving apps and modernized solutions


Our partner ecosystem

Bringing together the best of our partner network to create competitive advantage of your business.